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Can't tell the caliber from just the serial number.

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Call S&W and they will tell you when it left the factory.

No way to tell any of the information you want with only a serial number. You will have to call S&W

The Colt match target .22 with serial number 220044-S was made in 1966.

Need to know caliber, condition, and what markings are on the top of the barrel rib.

email me exactly what information you are looking for. your question(s) are fragmented and not understandable. list pistol maker, pistol model, caliber and serial number....... and maybe you will get an answer.............................check what is says along the side of your barrel.....................

Call S&W and they will tell you when it left the factory. It could have been made a week to a year before.

Serial numbers do not mean a lot- we need make and model. Also- not all revolvers with "38 S&W" on the barrel ARE Smith & Wessons- that is a caliber. And the finish is nickel, not chrome.

You can request a manual for free at the S&W website.

Call S&W with the sn and they will tell you.

Need more info in order to help. From your question it is S/N 11848 but the barrel markings are needed to determine what model you have.

You will need to call S&W or provide a DETAILED description of ALL markings. Need caliber, barrel length and number of screws.

I have a small, Caliber 32S&W Victor double action pistol and have been offered $50 for it. It is not for sale however. Do you know who made these llittle 32s and where?.

You will have to call S&W to find out.

You can request a history letter from S&W. They will require the serial number, caliber AND a photograph of both sides of the revolver, as Smith & Wesson serial numbers were not exclusive in those days. More information below.

Impossible to answer without the serial number and a detailed description of all markings.

Impossible to answer without a serial number.

YOu must call S&W with the serial number to find out.

Roughly 1930s. You may have a caliber .38 S&W, which is NOT a .38 Special.

You must call S&W with the serial number to find out.

Call S&W with the serial number.

You must call S&W to find out.

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