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No way to know the caliber from just the serial number

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In 1964 the Model 94 serial numbers were realigned up to 2700000. If its serial 2700000 or higher its post 1964

Pre 64 model 70 rifles have a serial number less than 700,000. Value is determined on many factors. Condition, originality, caliber etc.

Will depend on he caliber, condition, and whether it is a pre 1964 or post 64. Start at $300 and go up from there.

The last serial number for a pre-64 Winchester model 1894 rifle was 2,585,901.

In order to give you a correct answer to your question,I would need to know the serial number,caliber of your rifle,and the overall condition of it.These all come into play when evaluating a pre-64 Winchester model 70 rifle.

The value depends on condition, caliber, age, etc. This serial number dates your 94 to 1961. This makes the gun a "pre-64" which helps value. I would compare your gun to others of similar condition and caliber on in order to get a real market value on your winchester. I added a link to the Pre-64 model 94's below under sources and related links.

The serial number. If the serial is less than 2,700,000, it is a pre-1964 gun.

The Winchester model 69A is a pre-serial number firearm and as such does not have one.

The last pre-1964 Model 94 serial number was 2,586,000. The newer rifles with stamped parts started with serial number 2,700,000.

That all depends on the model of Winchester you are asking about?If you can supply a detailed description of the the model and the serial number then your question can be answered.

I assume your single action is pre-war ? If so, then made about 1907. As to the caliber, check markings on barrel. that should give the caliber.......

I just bought a pre 64 model 94 winchester 32 caliber, it has USA stamped in the stock just below the lever. Any ideas?

By the serial no, go to a Winchester serial no chart which can be found on the web.

With the serial number that you have supplied,I can say that you have a pre-64 model 70 rifle which was made in the year 1959.

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Pre-64 model 70 rifle was made by Winchester in the year 1952.

your model 1894 Winchester was made in 1951,which would make it not a pre war model,if you are talking about WWII.

pre '64 is based on serial numbers under 579600

The price of your Winchester model 70 in .338Win mag caliber can only be determined if you include the serial number.This will show if you have a pre-64 model 70 Winchester,or a post 64 model 70.Please include the overall condition of your rifle to help determine the value.

The pre 1969 model 60 didn't have serial numbers so if you can't find the numbers it's probably pre 69.

Your Winchester model 70 (pre-64) was made by Winchester in 1956.

Don't know about the value, but the Model 94, Serial No. 2546761 was made in 1962, making it a pre-64 piece.

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