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I assume your single action is pre-war ? If so, then made about 1907.

As to the caliber, check markings on barrel. that should give the caliber.......

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Q: When was colt single action pistol serial number 28418 manufactured and what caliber is it?
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What year was your ex cam 22 pistol model number 7a766 caliber 22lr manufactured?

No published sn data

What guns can you use a 40 caliber bullet?

any single or double action semi-automatic pistol listed as a 40 caliber pistol...............

Who manufactured the German 22 caliber pistol with a B on the grip?

Could be HS, Rohm

What kind of pistol is serial number 623565?

No way to answer without knowing who made it, what caliber, all markings, type of action.

What is a 22 caliber Falcon single action pistol?

a gun lol

What date was a colt .32 caliber 1903 pistol with serial no 29778 manufactured?

about 1906

When was colt lightning double action pistol serial no. 700xx manufactured?

The Colt 1877 lightning with that serial number was manufactured in 1888,about 121 years ago.

What is kel tec sub 2000?

It is an inexpensive pistol caliber, foldable, blowback operated carbine- manufactured in Florida.

How old is this high standard pistol?

Impossible to tell without a picture, serial number, caliber, barrel length, and type of action. Or look for the model:D

What caliber is for the pistol serial 36353?

Impossible to tell from just the sn. if you found the serial number, you will be able to find the caliber of the pistol somewhere carved in the metal.

What is the age of a Smith and Wesson pistol with a serial number 17514?

Need a detailed description of all markings, caliber, number of rounds the magazine holds, type of action, etc..

What does a 22 caliber pistol hold?

A 22 caliber pistol holds a dose of 22 caliber ammo.

.31 Caliber Pocket Pistol Based on what original?

The .31 caliber pocket pistol is based on the volcanic repeating arms company's .31 caliber lever action pistol using rocket ball ammunition( I think, but don't rely on my answer if your question is for something important because I might be wrong.)

What is the age of a Smith and Wesson pistol with a serial number 22957?

Need to know all markings, features, bbl length, type of action, finish and caliber to answer.

Value of a pieper pistol manufactured in belgium The barrel tips down. Has wooden grips Pat number 937905 Think it is a 32 caliber?

20-80 USD or so

What is the caliber of a s w pistol w serial 238301?

Can't tell the caliber from just the serial number.

What is the age of a smith and Wesson pistol with a serial number 65310?

Need to know all markings, features, bbl length, type of action, finish and caliber to give an answer.

What is the manufacture date of smith Wesson pistol with serial number 172964?

Need to know all markings, features, bbl length, type of action, finish and caliber.

When was your sw model 41 22 caliber pistol serial number 111712 manufactured?

Call S&W and they will tell you when it left the factory. It could have been made a week to a year before.

What is the value of a 22 caliber colt semi automatic pistol manufactured in 1903?

100-1000 USD or so depending on specifics

What is the age of a 22 caliber RG Model 14 pistol?

your rg model 14 was manufactured in the 1960's.

The serial number of your Nomad is 28881P3 does this mean that your pistol was manufactured in 1963 or in 1973?

Your Nomad was manufactured in 1963

What year is a 25 caliber colt pistol with the serial number 60613?


What is the value of a colt pistol serial number 41516 32-20 caliber pistol?

100-10000 USD

What is value of a 38 caliber 1871 colt pistol serial 313104?

if you are taalking about a single action ??? made 1910