What is the capacity of a 2.5 ton heat pump in terms of area?

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The rule of thumb is 400 sq ft per ton, but that is not always accurate. HVACCALC will show you why.
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How much does a carrier 4 ton infinity heat pump cost?

Carrier Infinity with Infinity controls (R410 vice R22 freon) 4Ton is about a $6000 unit - though through scratch and dent or other discounts sometimes you can get them for le

Panel box breaker required for a 3 ton heat pump?

You need to check the compressor sticker or plate. If faded or unreadable try the installation paperwork/instructions. Typically you can search by the model number online to f

What size house can a heat pump with a 3.5 ton compress heat and cool?

You should have an HVAC company perform a Manual J load calculation done on your home. for the best sizing . The old way here in the south USA dictates 3.5 tons cooling serv

What size breaker do you need for a 3 Ton heat pump?

My 3 ton geo unit uses a 30 amp breaker. That is probably more than adequate because it also is for the vertical loop pumps in the ground. The back-up heat strips however, u

How many Kilogrames in 2.5 tons?

there are 2500 kilograms in 2.5 tonnes. 1000 kilograms = 1 tonne Or if you were referring to a standard Ton (Imperial system in the United States) there would be: 2267.96Kg

What is the average cost of installation of a Goodman AC split heat pump 2.5 tons thirteen seer?

Cost may vary depends on the house size, accessibility, the amount of work involved in duct reworking, disconnecting/connecting gas electricity. Normally, it's better to rep
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What is the capacity of a Heil HHP048ka1 heat pump?

Based on typical ac equipment naming conventions - 48 - in the model number indicates 48,000 btuh nominal or about 4 tons cooling capacity.
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What is 2.5 tons?

It's a weight. About the weight of large car.