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Apia is the capital and the largest city of American Samoa.

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Q: What is the capital of American somoa?
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What is the capital of somoa?

Apia is the capital of Samoa

What is the capital of Ameracian Somoa?

Apia is the capital and the largest city of Samoa.

Where is the community of Pago Pago?

it is located on the island of American somoa

Where is somoa?

Samoa is an island in the South Pacific; its capital is Apia. Samoa governs the western Samoan Islands archipelago.

What right do you have as an American Samoan in the United States?

rights tovote,and elect representatives from Somoa.

What are the most populated cities in the west of the us?

To the west of Hawaii and going west to The internantional Date Line. Vaitele and Apia on the island of Upolu in Somoa Pago Pago in the American Somoa Just to name a few

What are capital cities starting with p?

Paris, FrancePago Pago, Capital of American Somoa on Tutuila IslandPalermo, capital of Sicily, ItalyPanama City, capital of PanamaParimaribo, capital of SurinamePerth, Capital of West AustraliaPort Louis, capital of MayritiusProvidence, Rhode IslandPyongyang, capital of North Korea* I highlighted the only US capital that begins with P. The others are from Merriam-Webster's School Dictionary,copyright 1980, Geographical Names IndexOther US state capitals that begin with P:Phoenix, ArizonaPierre, South Dakota

The wrestler suicide who is he?

how is somoa joe suicide? If somoa joe is way bigger than suicide there is no way possible

What country is Somoa in?

There is Samoa, an independent nation. Or there is American Samoa, owned by the US. However, the independent nation of Samoa used to be a territory of New Zealand.

What continent is east of Somoa?

North America.

What is the population of somoa?

179,000 estimated in 2009

Is somoa in hawaiian?

Samoa is a separate country.