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It really needs to be checked out but it probably is the blower votor.

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Q: What is the cause of a fuse blowing on a 1995 Chevy Corsica as a result of using the heater or air conditioner?
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What can cause a heater to stop blowing heat?

well you could just turn the heater off heater blower ---- If it is a car heater then check your coolant level. the heater is driven off a heat converter that is fed by the radiator system. When the coolant fails to pump round the radiator system the car internal heater doesn't work. Driving without coolant in the system will result in the engine overheating and seizing.

What size fuse do you need for the heater blower on a 1989 Chevy S-10?

15amp fuse is required if it keeps blowing the fuse than you have a direct short in the circuit Do not put a bigger fuse than 15amp because it may result in a fire.

Can a force be seen?

The result of a force can be seen, like wind blowing leaves.

Why won't your air conditioner learn spanish?

The most likely answer is that your air conditioner is a machine that is incapable of higher level mental functioning such as learning. As a result, it will not learn a new language no matter how much you yell words in that language at the air conditioner.

Is powder conditioner used for the same result as using muratic acid?

No, conditioner is added to water to help mantain chlorine. Muriatic acid is used to lower pH or alkalinity.

What is exaggerating something and criticizing the end result?

Blowing it out of proportion and showing discontent and dissatisfaction with the outcome.

What does my fuse keep blowing in my Yukon XL?

There are various reasons why your fuse keeps blowing in your Yukon XL. In most case, it is as a result of overloading and it blows to protect other parts of your Yukon.

Why when you turn on the heater comes up a bad odor?

This is a result of dust and other debris that has accumulated on the coils or in the heater. When you turn it on, it begins to burn off and that is what you smell.

Pontiac grand am no heat?

Low water in the radiator will result in no heat. The water level is not sufficient to reach the heater core. The heater core will become cold.

Do hybrid cars really save you on gas?

Hybrid cars do tend to get better fuel economy, although it is important to consider how you will use the car. Climate control systems such as the heater and air conditioner will cause the hybrid to run the gasoline motor. This will result in poorer fuel economy than expected.

How many amps in 6kw 3phase heater?

There are zero amps in a 6kW 3 phase heater. Amperage is the result of dividing the Watts by the Voltage. A = W/E. Without stating the voltage the heater operates on the amperage can not be calculated.

Does not changing the air filter in your car result in the heaters not working?

No you probably need a new heater

Heater blowing cold air in my E240 MERC 2003?

MB has a hot/cold air direction door , this may not be functioning . Possibly due a faulty switch, relay, fuse or actuator. This case scenario is a cause , not an effect of the result of a more probable, more serious coolant loss, head gasket issue.

Does low coolant effect the air conditioner?

Yes, very much so. The most immediate result is improper cooling.

What is an anabatic wind?

An anabatic wind is an upslope wind - when the wind is blowing up a hill or mountain as a result of local surface heating.

What is the function of a space heater?

A space heater is basically used to warm up a finite space. Instead of using a heating unit or a furnace to warm up the entire house, a space heater heats a limited area. The result is a lower cost and more efficiency.

Why is Water leaking in the interior of a Toyota Paseo?

Most of the time internal water leaks under the dash behind the center console are the result of a blown heater core. If your heater is not working, then that could be your problem.

Why do soap bubbles rise through air?

They don't actually rise they tend to fall, when they rise it is the result of air currents blowing them upwards.

Why ac blowing out defrost vent only dodge 1998 ram 1500?

The AC on a 1998 Dodge Ram 1998 will only be blowing out the defrost vent if the air handler is not set properly. This can result from a piece of debris getting stuck or a faulty flap.

Have changed thermostat coolant front heat sensor and it is still getting hot what else could it be?

Are both lines hot that go into and out of heater core? Plugged heater core will result in no heat, or other restriction.

Why can't a window air condition be installed in a sleeve?

A window already has a casing around it to protect and allow condenser venting. An air conditioner that is made for a sleeve has no protective shell around it, so if you put a window air conditioner in a sleeve you will not get good air circulation from the fan that cools off the condenser. That will result in high pressure at the compressor, high temperature at the condenser and high temperature at the evaporator. This will result in poor cooling and probable compressor failure which will allow you to go out and buy an air conditioner that is designed for a sleeve.

Can you use your air conditioner if the fan outside isn't working?

No, you can not use your air conditioner if the fan outside is not working. Simply because, the heat picked from your indoor air has to be rejected out side, if the out side fan is not working the rate of heat rejection will be very minimal, and as a result the indoor unit can not take any more heat, as a result, the air conditioner will not be cooling after few minutes. Moosa Kutty, Abu Dhabi Mobile:00971-50-7526136

Is there a reoccuring problem with the heater core in an 2000 s10 blazer?

Problem is that the heater core is the highest point in the cooling system. being a closed system any air that enters is trapped in the heater core. Result, no heat. Recommended repair is to back flush heater core, refill cooling system making sure all air is released from the heater core. Replacement of the radiator cap at the time of repair is recommended.

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Laika of Sputnik II died due to overheating as a result of a malfunctioning heater in her capsule.

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I am doing a science fair expiriment on it and I will tell you the answer, not saying that the answer is true but could be just a coincidence. ~ Varrick

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