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What is the cause of lower back and neck pain?

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Often your spine is not aligned. Talk to a chiropractor and be sure to have X-rays to confirm the possibility prior to an adjustment.

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What can cause back or neck pain?

The most common causes of back pain are nerve impingement and problems with the discs. While neck pain is less prevalent than lower back pain, there are several cervical spine conditions that may cause neck pain. You can read more about these topics at the related link below.

Can the flu cause lower back pain?

The flu can cause your whole body to ache. (neck, legs, shoulders ect..)

Can an STD cause lower back pain?

An STD can indeed cause lower back pain. The most common STD known to cause lower back pain is Chlamydia.

Does not having a bowel movement cause lower back pain?

It can cause lower back pain but not always

What could cause back pain to travel from the lower back up to the neck?

probably a pinched nerve with that comes a hearniated disc.

What can cause lower back pain and a small piercing pain on the upper hip?

I believe that shingles can cause lower back pain.

Does TENS help with neck and lower back pain?


Can an allergy cause an allergic reaction of pain in the back of the neck and shoulders?

I get neck pain from food allergies

Can bulging disc in neck cause pain to lower back?

I don't know, but you should get that checked out anyway. No, a bulging cervical disc isn't going to cause low back pain. If the neck pain is intense, your muscles can do what is called guarding, which is where they sort of brace for the pain. That can affect other parts of the body, since everything is interconnected. Like a chain reaction. But the actual disc in the neck is not the direct source of low back pain.

Can a UTI cause lower back pain?

Yes, a urinary tract infection may cause referred lower back pain.

Can a herniated disc on the cervical c7 cause lower back pain?

Mine does but I think it's because I sit and stand differently to keep my neck from hurting. That is exactly what you would expect. Ss C7 is the lowest space in the neck you would expect the pain to be there but it is often in the lower back.

Can blood in urine cause lower back pain?

If it is associated with a kidney infection like mine was it could cause pain in lower back

Back neck pain?

Back and neck pain can be caused by poor posture. This can happen when you work on a computer for long periods of time or spend time hunched over. Tension and stress may cause pain in the back and neck.

I'm having lower back pain what can cause that?

Many things can cause lower back pain such as a pulled muscle or even a kidney infection.

Can the bulging disc in neck travel to lower back?

The pain from a bulging disc in your neck can travel to the lower back. The actual bulging disc condition will not move or spread.

Lower back pain with nausea right above hip area?

what is the cause of the pain in the lower back andlowerleft chest

Can yeast infection cause lower back pain?

A really severe yeast infection gives me lower back pain.

What conditions are associated with lower back pain?

There are many things that can cause lower back pain. Overuse of muscle and ligaments, herniated discs, and even wearing the wrong shoes!

Is back and neck pain is cause by constipation?

I do not think so. Back and neck pain can be caused by anything. It can be old age. Sleeping the wrong way or not enough exercise

Can op cause lower back pain?

no or yes

Can a gallstone cause lower back pain?

I had Gallstones it hurts really bad in your lower back

What can cause neck pain?

Neck pain can be caused from a variety of conditions. If you sleep in the wrong position, it may make your neck sore and stiff. A herniated disc may also be to blame for any pain in the back of the neck.

Does transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation help with neck and lower back pain?


What organs can cause lower back pain?

Lower back pain is often caused by muscle strain or damage to the lumbar spinal cord.

What are the cause of back and neck pain?

While neck pain is less prevalent than lower back pain, there are several cervical spine conditions that may cause neck pain, arm pain and other symptoms, including: • Foraminal stenosis • Stenosis with myelopathy • Cervical osteoarthritis • Cervical degenerative disc disease Additionally, there are several miscellaneous causes of upper extremity pain related to conditions of the cervical spine. You can read more about this topic here..