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It's because of wearing wrong shoes, which can't absorb the moisture (sweat) ocurring around your feet. For that use special insoles (for example zederna insoles or maybe Dr.Scholls).

For more information, take a look at the following site:

A possible cause could be that, your feet are not getting enough oxygen, like your shoes could be to tight or something. Hope that helps a little bit.

On feet and hands, there is a massive concentration of sweat glands. It is normal that feet sweat ,

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Q: What is the cause of sweaty feet?
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Do saltwater soaks help sweaty feet?

Plain saltwater soaks have been recommended as a remedy for sweaty feet

How you get a very stinky feet?

Sweaty, run, while sweaty grab and hold them.

How do you stop sweaty feet?

Powder them.

Best casual shoe for me with hot sweaty feet?

Best casual shoe for hot sweaty feet is a loafer slip on. They are loose fitting and always in style.

Your hands and feet are sweaty all the time what does that mean?

omg! your a freek

Why does your scrotal area stink?

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What causes sweaty feet?

During puberty your oil glands and sweat glands are more active so it causes them to be more sweaty :/ Hope I helped! :)

Can you treat your sweaty hands and feet naturally?

Against sweaty feet: Wash your feet every day! And dry them properly. But the best way: Wear special Zederna Insoles made from cedar wood. After a few days the problems are gone. I use them, too.

How can you treat cold and sweaty feet?

there is a certain type of sock that you can wear that treats cold and sweaty feat. its called sensodyne socks. i used this and it really helped

What is Nike dri fit?

A sock produced by nike to prevent sweaty feet.

Who does athlets foot affect?

Well your feet gets really sweaty and stinky-_____-

What is the importance of proper shoe ventilation?

your feet start to smell and get sweaty, its gross!

Does taking shower in sweaty body cause knee cracking?


Why do you have smelly feet?

Because for one if you did not wear socks and only your shoes then your feat are going to be sweaty also all of your pores open up and then your feat are going to be sweaty

What germs and bacteria does human feet hold?

One bacteria Brevibacterium linens, which is responsible for the smell of Limburger Cheese and sweaty feet.

What causes sweaty cold skin in children?

There are a few things that could cause sweaty cold skin in children including Hyperhidrosis. The children may also have a cold.

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Yes, I've heard she has sweaty soles.

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we don't know "why"'s just something that happens. We like it if the girl is attractive otherwise it's just stinky feet.

What does it mean if your hands and feet are sweaty all the time?

There are plenty of causes. One isanxiety. The other could be that you might have hyperhydrosis

What did the sweaty egg say to the sweaty chicken in bed?

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What doctor to consult for the treatment of sweaty armpit and feet?

Probably a Dermatologist. They are doctors specializing in the treatment of skin disorders and associated problems.