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Not sleeping well is usually 85 percent of the problem.

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Q: What is the causes of psychological effects on people?
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What is the Psychological effects of tourism on people?

Effects on the tourist or the toured?

Is ASMR a psychological effect?

Yes. The effects of ASMR are psychological. The brain tingling that people feel happens inside the brain.

What are Negative psychological effects of homosexuality in India?

There are no negative psychological effects of homosexuality anywhere.

What are psychological effects of load-shedding?

Psychological effects of load shedding is that its has severe effects on society. Specifically on students.

What is the likely effects of prolonged stress?

The impact of prolonged psychological stress on the body causes cell aging and influences disease processes

Effects of disaster?

Some of the effects that a disaster can bring is damage to property, agriculture, and livelihood. It can also lead to loss of life and can have sociological and psychological effects on people.

Does culture shock only have psychological effects?

No, other than psychological effects, culture shock has other implications such as insomnia and fear.

What were the social and psychological effects of the great depression?

made people feel hopeless,and no trust towards the government

What are the psychological OR emotional effects of drug abuse?

Emotional effects of drugs

Psychological effects of mobile phone?

how psychology effects on mobile users

What are the psychological causes of precocious puberty?

There are no psychological causes of precocious puberty, but there are some physiological causes. The most common cause of precocious puberty are tumors.

What are psychological effects of psychological effects?

Please specify. Psychological effects are any effect that an ingested substance has on your cognition. If it makes you think differently, see differently, hear differently, etc, that's a psychological effect. As to the original question, I'd imagine the psychological effects OF psychological effects to be something along the lines of "Huh, this feels interesting. Hmm, I'm happier all of a sudden. Now I'm kinda angry. Now that tree's sorta dancing, and I'm happy again."

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