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Depends on your proximity to the coconut tree.

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Do coconuts fall off trees?

Yes, in fact you are more likely to be killed by a falling coconut than to be killed by a shark.

Has a coconut ever killed someone?

It's entirely possible. A large, heavy coconut falling out of a tall tree and landing on someone's head could do it.

How many people have been killed by fish?

5 people a year die by sharks you are more likely to be killed by a coconut falling on your head!

Has a butterfly ever killed anyone?

probably not. you will have a better chance killing it.

How is dumble dore dying from felling down?

Dumbledore didn't die from falling down. He was killed by the killing curse, and then fell down.

Hamlet thought he was killing who?

When he killed Polonius he thought he was killing Claudius. Everyone else he killed, he killed on purpose.

Can be a dog can kill a tyger?

A pack of dogs might have a chance at killing a tiger but a single dog, however big, would probably be killed in the trying.

Why are tigers being killed?

Tigers are being killed for Sport hunting, for killing livestock, and for sometimes killing people.

When Hamlet killed Polonius he thought he was in fact killing who?

When Hamlet killed Polonius he thought he was in fact killing Claudius.

What are the odds of getting attacked by a shark?

Very low; you have greater chance of getting hit on the head by a coconut at the beach and being killed by it or even getting into car accident on the way to the beach.

Is there a way to buy furniture in fallout 3 if you killed everybody in megaton and tenpenny towers?

no, by being a punk and killing Moira or Lydia, you get no other chance to get furniture.

Can a coconut kill a man?

Yes. Globaly every year a few people gets killed by a coconut dropping in their head.

When Hamlet killed Polonius who did he think he was actually killing?

He thought he was killing Claudius.

Who killed Mona in the book Pretty Little Liars?

Spencer accidentally killed Mona, Mona offers Spencer the chance to be "A" with her but Spencer refuses and Mona tries to kill Spencer and they struggle but Mona ends up falling off the cliff.

How are jaguars killed?

They are hunted for their fur and they also get killed byfarmers for killing their cattle.

What did David have done to the Amalekite who killed Saul?

Have him killed for confessing to killing Saul

Why was Megatron killed?

Megatron was killed for killing an innocent number of good guys.

What is the chance of you getting killed by Chuck Norris?

That depends on whether you get in his way, if you do, 100% chance of getting killed, if not, 50%.

How do you catch colbalion after killing it in Pokemon black?

I beileve that if it is like most other legendaries, you only have ONE (1) chance to catch it, If you killed it, too bad. Try trading for it.

How many people are killed from falling trees?


When was the last Dodo killed?

he was killed falling off a cliff with a nvie in his head

What is the difference between were killed and have been killed?

were killed suggests that they were killed and that's the end of it.have been killed suggests that more killing is going to occur in the future

What does pked mean?

player killed or player killing!

What crop was killed by killing fungus in Ireland?

The potato.

How is Mona killed in Pretty Little Liars?

Mona tries to push Spencer off the cliff, but Spencer moves before Mona can push her. Mona ends up falling off the cliff and killing herself.

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