What is the chance of getting pregnant if he uses protection and the condom is not on him when he takes it out and he already came inside da condom?


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High risk...take the morning after pill!

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Whether if you use birth control or any other contraceptive, there is always the chance you can get pregnant. Of course, protection greatly lowers the chance of getting pregnant.

Depending on what type/ how much protection, there is usually always a chance of getting pregnant. If only a condom is being used, then it is absolutely still possible to get pregnant (the condom can break). The more protection used, the lesser the chance of getting pregnant, BUT the only way to prevent pregnancy 100% is not to engage is sexual intercourse at all.

Im amazed this has even been asked - of course you can get pregnant your first time. If you're ovulating you have a high chance of getting pregnant if you use no protection.

Not necessarily... It depends if you are safe (using condoms and other methods of protection). However there is ALWAYS a chance of getting pregnant, even if you do use protection.

Luckily you are on the pill for double protection as the pill is 98% safe. So you should not be pregnant?

If you used protection and were on your period, you were pretty safe. Probaly nothing to worry about, but there is a chance of getting pregnant every time you have sex. Even if you are protected. Protection lowers the chances greatly, but it is still possible.

It's quite small, but there is a chance of getting pregnant that way.

Your risk of getting pregnant is the same as any other time when you are fertile. Unless you are menopausal or pregnant, you have a chance of becoming pregnant from having sex.

no there is no chance you will get pregnant if a guy cums inside you .

No. The sperm needed to fertilize an egg is already inside of you. Although it helps to lay down for about 1/2 an hour after intercourse when trying to get pregnant, getting up and taking a shower after isn't going to keep you from getting pregnant.

Unless you or your partner has had radical surgery, there is always a possibility of getting pregnant from having sex.But if you're using two methods of protection simultaneously, and correctly, the chance/risk of getting pregnant is really, really, really small.

The chance of getting preggers after a tubal is about 2 in 100. not to much to worry about!

Yes, you have a high chance of being pregnant if your period is late!

i had my tubes untied may 25,12 what is my chance of getting pregnant

Would ampliclox reduce the chance of getting pregnant

Using a condom is a very good way to reduce the chance of getting pregnant. Make sure you know how to use it. Make sure it's used properly, and you won't get a pregnancy.

Yes, if the condom breaks. There is a 2% to a 10% chance you can get pregnant even with a condom.

If this happens there is only a 99.99 % of chance that u will get pregnant. So don't worry there is still the 0.01 % chance you are not pregnant.

If he shoves your head down thats bad if he goes to deep and you tell him to stop thats bad

If you had bilateral tubal ligation, there is 100% chance of not getting pregnant.

The chance of this is less than 1 in one billion.

no there is no reason why you can't get pregnant when you are in your period's as there is when you don't.

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