What is the chance of recovery from leukemia?

Leukemia is one of the forms of Cancer that is experiencing some amazing breakthroughs. Your chances of recovery depend greatly on your health and other conditions that can't be plugged in to a mathematical formula. Your doctor or local Cancer Society would be a far better resource for that information.


It would depend entirely on the type of leukemia. While some forms are easily remissed, others are not. This would be a question for your oncologist.


The first poster is correct. I suggest that you go onto: www.google.com

Type in: Leukemia chatlines.

The reason I suggest this is you can chat with other people in the same situation as yourself and lessen the stress for you. It also gives you the opportunity to find out what new and improved methods that other people with Leukemia are receiving.

Good luck & God Bless

Leukemia is a broad name for some 88 blood diseases. Any disease of the blood or bone marrow is considered Leukemia. Many, many new treatments are extremely promising and successful in many cases. I have leukemia. I have been in treatment for almost 2 years. I am progressing very well.