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No chance.. next day is way too long to be an issue. No the sperm will have died by then.

2006-07-25 03:01:52
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What happens if your breast spills milk?

If your breast spills milk (also known as colostrum) then you are pregnant

What tool protects you from chemical spills?

For example a mask or a protection shield.

What is an apron?

An apron is an article of clothing worn over the front of the body for protection from spills.

How likely are you to get pregnant if the guy accidentally spills the condom on you?

There isn't a likey hood. YOU ARE PREGNANT Nah, got my period, I'm good.

Is the m50 mask an authorized respiration device for use during industrial chemical spills and may not provide protection?


The M50 mask is not authorized respiration device for use during industrial chemical spills and may not provide protection.?


If you are using a condom with spermicide and some semen spills is the chance of pregnancy less than spermicide alone?


At the time of intercourse some semen spills out is it normal or it is the reason of not getting pregnant?

go to, or mb for your anser.

Are there risks when doing chromatography?

the risks for chromatography is the injuries in spills and cause problems and if perhaps it does spill you have to make sure it is cleaned before someone touches it and then causes germs

What are 2 organizations that try to prevent pollution?

EPA the Earth Protection Agency and Lendl Global which cleans up oil spills.

Can your girlfriend be pregnant after sex the condom gets stuck and the sperm spills out while still stuck to her vagina?

Yes, there is a possibility of pregnancy.

How do community members work together to clean up oil spills?

The cleaning of oil spills is actually undertaken by professional agencies such as environmental protection agencies and coastguards. They tend to either skim the oil from the surface of the water or use large sponges to absorb it.

How oil spills effect humans?

Oil spills affect humans because oil spills are dangerous

What type of acid is in a battery?

The acid in a battery is sulphuric acid. It is highly corrosive and hazardous to touch. Acid spills must be carefully cleaned with products which neutralize the acid. Personal protective wear, at a minimum gloves and face protection, should be worn when cleaning acid spills.

Why are oil spills bad for plants?

oil spills are bad for plants because the oil spills will kill the plants

When using a condom if your bf pulls out and the condom spills outside of the vagina by your butt but not by the vagina hole can you still get pregnant?

There is a very low chance, that you may give birth to a politician, lawyer, or banker in 9 months time. :P Nah, seriously - the chances are so minimal I wouldn't even be worried about it.

Why must you wipe up spills?

If you do not wipe up spills somebody can walk on the spills and slip and hurt themselves badly

What is a good catchty title for a project about oil spills?

spills everywhere

How do people adapt to oil spills?

By seeing a lot of oil spills

Are chemical spills an infectious disease?

Chemical spills are not an infectious disease.

Does caboolture river have oil spills often?

yes caboolture river has oil spills all the time it is very common for its oil spills

How many shallow water drilling oil spills have occurred?

The number is not known or at least not published. The total number is spills from oil oil platforms is known and accounts for a very small percentage of all oil dumped or leaked into our waters. The number of spills is known: The Gulf of Mexico (267 spills) The northeastern U.S. (140 spills) The Mediterranean Sea (127 spills) The Persian Gulf (108 spills) The North Sea (75 spills) Japan (60 spills) Baltic Sea (52 spills) United Kingdom and English Channel (49 spills) Malaysia and Singapore (39 spills) The west coast of France and north and west coasts of Spain (33 spills) Korea (32 spills) The vast bulk are shallow spills and very few leak much oil. There are certainly exceptions but shallow oil drilling gives us far easier solutions to the situations then deep water does. The vast bulk of oil spilled into our waters is from permanent fixtures and sites. Pipelines are one example.

What are the advantages of laying laminate over hardwood flooring?

The advantages of lamination over hardwood flooring revolve around protection from damage. As well as a little extra protection from physical damage, it also provides protection from spills and staining. Laminate flooring is much easier to maintain. Also, it is by far cheaper than hardwood flooring.

How do you contain oil spills?

use booms t contain oil spills

Can oil spills catch on fire?

Yes, oil spills can catch on fire.