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loving, calm

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Is powerful a character trait?

NO it is not a character trait.

What is the chracter trait?

A character trait is basically the personality of someone. For example my character trait can be generous.

Is tomboy a character trait?

Yes, any personality trait is a character trait.

Is dream a character trait?

No it isn't a character trait.

Is special a character trait?

no. special is not a character trait. you can say that the character is special.

Is insecure a character trait?

Yes, insecurity is a character trait, if not a character defect.

Is hopeful a character trait?

Yes, hopeful is a character trait.

Is entertaining a character trait?

Yes, it is a character trait.

Is isolated a character trait?

Yes, isolated can be a character trait.

Is merciless a character trait?

Yes, it may be a character trait.

Is creativity a character trait?

yes creativity is a character traitYes it is.

What is charles's character trait in call of the wild?

Charles character trait was Independence!

What is a sentence for character trait?

Laziness is not usually considered a beneficial character trait.

Is quality a character trait?

A "quality" may be similar to a "character trait". For example, the quality of "honesty" could be a character trait. But character traits are deeper and broader than qualities, in my opinion.

What is a physical character trait?

A character trait that shows what is on the outside of a character, like the hair, eye, or skin color

Is naive a character trait?

Yes, naive is a character trait because it is something about your personality.

What is a character trait that means worried?

A character trait that means worried would be concerned.

Is embarrassed a character trait?

yes ,because that person was embarrassed.

Is murderous a trait?

Yes, merdurous is a character trait.

Is tan a character trait or physical trait?


Is disagreeing a character trait?

No, it's a personality trait

What Character trait word starts with y?

a character trait that starts with y is young

Is worry a character trait?

Yes worrying can be considered as a character trait. People worry unnecessarily.

Is talented a character trait?

Yes Talented is a trait if you talk about a story in a book or a living person in life

What is the definition of character trait?

A character trait is a characteristic of a person such as honest, dishonest, greedy, etc.