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The oxidation value of a nitrogen atom in methylamine CH3NH2 is -3, supposedly the same as in ammonia.

In ammonia (NH3) and ammonium ions (NH4+) it has a oxidation value of -3 (and actually only a partial negative charge as part from a polar covalent, non-ionic bond).

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What is the charge of an atom and why does it have that charge?


Is methylamine polar?

Methylamine, or CH3NH2 is a polar molecule. The most electronegative atom in the molecule is nitrogen, which also has a lone pair on it. Also, hydrogen bonding occurs between N-H, which are polar bonds.

How many electrons does an atom of nitrogen have?

The atomic number of nitrogen is 7. That means that nitrogen has 7 protons per atom, each one having a +1 charge. Assuming that the atom of nitrogen is electrically neutral, there must also be 7 electrons, each of them having a -1 charge, in order for the total charge of the atom to be 0.

Why Acetamide is much weaker base than methylamine?

Acetamide is a much weaker base compared to methylamine. This is due to the electron withdrawing effect of the CO group, which makes the lone pair of electrons on the nitrogen atom less available for protonation.

What atom has 7 electrons and no charge?

A neutral nitrogen atom has 7 protons and 7 electrons, and has no charge.

What is the total charge of the nucleus of a nitrogen atom?

7. For the charge of any atom look at the atomic #

What is the formal charge on the nitrogen atom in rm NO?


What is the charge on the carbon atom in methylamine?

it is uncharged because there are 4 bonds (that's how many carbon likes to make). There is a dipole, however, caused by nirtogen.

What is the type and name of acid is Carbon Hydrogen3 Nitrogen Hydrogen2?


What is the Formal charge of nitrogen atom in ammonium ion?


What type of charge does a hydrogen atom of an ammonia molecule have?

A hydrogen atom of an ammonia molecule has a slight positive charge, due to the high electronegativity of the nitrogen atom.

Does nitrogen have no charge?

The neutral nitrogen atom and the neutral nitrogen molecule has no net charge because they are made up of equal numbers of positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons. If the nitrogen atom or molecule gains or looses and electron it becomes a positively or negatively charged ion.

Is cyanide polar?

Yes. Cyanide is the CN- atom, and nitrogen is more electronegative than carbon, so the molecule is polar with the negative "charge" on the nitrogen atom.

How many covalent bonds does nitrogen form with no negative charge?

The nitrogen atom forms 3 covalent bonds.

What is the ionic charge for nitrogen?

that is the main charge 3-But advanced chemistry, nitrogen has a charge of1-2-3-5+4+3+2+1+Very wierd atom

Why is aniline less basic than methylamine?

Aniline is less basic than methylamine due to the arene ring capacity at delocalising the lone pair of electrons present on the nitrogen.

How many covalent bonds can one atom of nitrogen for with no net charge?


Is nitrogen an isotope ion or neutral atom?

Neutral atom. An atom of nitrogen will also be an isotope of nitrogen.

How many covalent bonds of 1 atom of Nitrogen with positive net charge can form?


What atom has 7 protons 8 neutrons and 6 electrons?

Nitrogen-15, with a charge of +1.

What is the difference between nitrogen atom and nitrogen molecule?

Nitrogen atom is one atom of nitrogen a Nitrogen molecule is N2, or two atoms of nitrogen atoms covalently bonded

When 3 electrons are added to a nitrogen atom what is its name?

When you add three electrons to nitrogen, you get a nitrogen with negative 3 charge, written as N3- From Jonathan Ashilley Email:

How many number of bonds does nitrogen have?

In order to have a net charge of zero, nitrogen can have three bonds. it will often have more or less than that number with a charge on the atom. Example: Ammonia (NH3) versus Ammonium (NH4+)

How do you find the charge of nitrogen?

The nitrogen atom has five valence electrons. It needs three more electrons to have a noble gas configuration, so it will gain three electrons to form the nitride ion with a charge of 3-.

How many electrons in an atom of nitrogen?

A nitrogen atom has seven electrons.

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