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how cheap a graphics card 1.0 or up andone way to find a very cheap graphics card is to get one on eBay abd they can be as low as $10.00.that's the cheapestthey get.

You could also go to, and search the 9400, its a great card that will run almost anything, and it usually runs 20 - 30$

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2011-09-14 08:50:56
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Q: What is the cheapest graphic card with a pixel shader 1.1 or up?
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What is the cheapest graphics card to support pixel shader 2.0?

Just type in "Cheapest graphics card with Pixel Shader 2.0?" on

Does geforce4mx graphic card have pixel shader?

No, the geforce 4 mx does not have pixel shader technology. You will need to replace your video card to take advantage of pixel shader.

Does red alert 3 require pixel shader 3.0?

NO it doesn't you can Run red alert 3 with graphic card supporting pixel shader 2 and the shader settings can be applied from the game settings the game will run perfectly fine but will Run on medium or low quality according to Your graphic card capabilities .

How do you run bully on 64 mb graphic card?

download pixel shader 3.0 and play it will work

What is the cheapest video card with pixel shader 2.0?

I did some research for and found that the cheapest video card I could find with a pixel shader of 2.0 is the Galaxy GeForce 9400 GT Video Card. This is a great Graphics card and if you go to you can find more expensive, but better graphics cards. I hope this is handy info for you.

What is the cheapest video card that supports Pixel Shader 3.0?

Probably the ATi X1300. On eBay, you can get them for less than $20.

Which graphic card is suitable pixel shader 1.1?

On the nvidia side, any Geforce 4000 series or higher should have support for pixel shader 1.1 The 7000 series geforces are very inexpensive right now, and support pixel shader 3.0 and under. On the ATI side, any Radeon over 8500 should have support for at least pixel shader 1.4.

How can you upgrade pixel shader 2.0 to pixel shader 3.0 sa?

You have to upgrade you graphics card to use this feature

Where would you get pixel shader?

you must have graphics card that supports shader model

Free downloads of shader model 1.1?

A Pixel Shader is not something that can be downloaded. It is a feature of the hardware on your video card. If your video card does not contain the hardware for this Pixel Shader, then you must purchase a new video card.

Can Geforce 2 integrated GPU have pixel shader 2 or higher?

No, the GeForce 2 does not have pixel shader technology. You will need to upgrade your video card in order to get pixel shader 2.

If you have nvidia agp gforce fx5500 256mb card and its have 2.0 pixel shader and you want to up grade it to pixel shader 3?

It is not possible, since pixel shader 2 is hardwared into the card. You would not be able to upgrade without changing a graphics card.

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