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The Nikon D3000 is only around 500 dollars which is pretty cheap for a very good quality slr camera. You can also find other good quality cameras at stores like best buy.

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An SLR camera is much higher quality than the Nikon Coolpix. I have owned both and the SLR shoots in much higher resolution and pixels.

There are several sites online which offer high-quality SLR camera bags. Search using the terms "SLR Camera Bag". The search will point you to money saving sites like,, and Any one of these sites offer the SLR camera bag at good prices.

Your average SLR camera is going to run you about $600 for a quality camera. The lower end ones can be purchased for around $450.

The SLR cameras are to be recommended because they are of high quality. You can get them from stores like Best Buy, or Radio Shack, you can also buy them online.

According the website "Snapsort", currently, the cheapest Sony SLR camera is the Sony SLT A35 coming in at a modest å£285. Another cheaper camera is the Sony SLT-A37 costing å£345. The price's may vary dependent on where the camera is purchased.

High quality SLR cameras for under $250 include: Canon EOS Digital Rebel, Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro, Pentax K100D, and the Nikon F100. These cameras can be purchased from and

Camera Corner has a great website that only carries the best in photography equipment. You can visit their website here: or you can visit a local store.

This will depend on how much money you want to spend and what you will want to do with your camera. DSLR's give much better quality but cost much more.

The best quality cases for a digital SLR camera are made by Loewepro, Case Logic and Olympus. These companies offer cases in a variety of sizes and fabrics.

Canon EOS Rebel T3 Digital SLR Camera with 18-55mm IS II & 75-300 III Lens is $199.99 at best buy.

what does SLR stand for on camers

functions of the principal components of a digital SLR camera

No I am sorry but you cannot convert an old SLR camera to a DSLR

No, Unless the SLR camera is Olympus it will not work because Olympus lenses sue 4/3rd lenses and will not fit on any other camera

A Digital SLR (D-SLR) has a removable lens and larger image sensor. That means that regardless of megapixel a D-SLR will take a better picture because the photo does not lose as much picture quality as it would in a Bridge or Point and Shoot camera. A D-SLR is faster and the time between taking photos is shorter. A Bridge camera will offer more zoom but less picture quality. A D-SLR can be upgraded with a different lens however to gain more zoom.

Megapixels (MP )are used to measure the resolution of photos taken with digital cameras. Therefore, the higher number of megapixels of a camera corresponds with a higher quality photo resolution. Typically, a digital camera with 16MP or higher is considered to be a high resolution camera. For the higher-end and more professional digital SLR cameras, 20MP or higher is considered to be a very high resolution camera.

The digital SLR camera does not really have any known glitches. The customer review ratings are fairly high and most people have been very happy with their purchases.

All major camera companies make SLR cameras, as well as digital SLR cameras. My photography teacher always recommended the Promaster 2500PK Manual SLR camera for its ease of use, value, and manual functions.

Canon SLR Digital Camera can be purchased in various online and high street retailers. Few examples of online retailers include: Amazon, Very, Ebay etc. High street retailers include Jessops.

This is an expensive camera. SLR stands for Single Reflex Len. This is the type of camera a photographer purchase of their craft. Sony hase been making SLR camera for quite a few years.

Yes you can use a SLR lens as an attachment on some digital camera. You will have to check the camera to see if there is an attachment that is available on the camera.

Single Lens Reflex Camera.

The first 35mm SLR cameras were the Soviet "Sport" camera and the Kine Exakta, produced in 1936.

The Canon Digital Rebel is the highest rated SLR camera. This starts at $350.00