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How long will it take to get from Frankfurt to koblenz?

One hour

Distance between Frankfurt and koblenz?

127km according to Google Maps, on the motorway.

What is the distance between Dusseldolf and Frankfurt Hahn?

220 kilometres taking this route:Take A57 KÖLN, from Düsseldorf, to A1 KOBLENZ at JUNCTION 28 (KREUZ KÖLN-NORD [Cologne-North Interchange]).Take A1 KOBLENZ to A61 KOBLENZ.Take A61 to B50 to HAHN AIRPORT at JUNCTION 45 (RHEINBÖLLEN interchange).Take B50 to HAHN AIRPORT.

How do you get from Koblenz to Frankfurt Germany?

Travelling by car, head north out of Koblenz on the B9 and pick up the A48 Autobahn, direction Frankfurt A.m., Bendorf, Neuwied and follow for 12 miles.At the junction Autobahndreieck Dernbach exit the A48 and join the A3 and follow for45 miles.At the junction Wiesbadener Kreuz exit the A3 and join the A66, in direction Frankfurt, Hannover, Dortmund and follow for 10 miles.At junction 18 exit A66 and join A648 in direction Frankfurt-Stadtmitte, Frankfurter Kreuz, Flughafen, F-Rödelheim for 3 miles.You are now entering Frankfurt. Total driving distance 74.5 miles

What has the author Jay Koblenz written?

Jay Koblenz has written: 'Corvette'

Driving time from Frankfurt to koblenz?

The actual time may vary according to the traffic and weather. The approximate driving time between these two places is 1 hour 20 minutes.

When was University of Applied Sciences Koblenz created?

University of Applied Sciences Koblenz was created in 1996.

When was Koblenz Aar railway bridge created?

Koblenz Aar railway bridge was created in 1892.

How many miles are betweern Koblenz and London?

There are about 412 miles between Koblenz, Germany and London, England.

In which German county is Vallendar?

Vallandar is virtually opposite Koblenz. It is in the Mayen-Koblenz district of the state of the Rhineland Palatinate.

Which city in France is twinned with norwich?


What has the author Erich Franke written?

Erich Franke has written: 'Die Liebfrauen-Pfarrkirche zu Koblenz' -- subject(s): Liebfrauen-Pfarrkirche, Koblenz

What is the country code and area code of Koblenz a Rhein Germany?

The country code and area code of Koblenz a Rhein, Germany is 49, (0)261.

What German city has seven letters in its name?


Which two rivers meet at koblenz?

the Rhine and the Danub

What German state is the city of Koblenz in?


Which German cities have 7 letters?

München Bamberg Hamburg Koblenz

Is the river moselle a tributary for the Rhine?

Yes. It joins the Rhine at Koblenz.

How many miles from hook of holland to Frankfurt?

485 kilometres (301 miles) taking this route:Follow E25 ROTTERDAM (N211 and N220), from Hook of Holland, to A20 ROTTERDAM, where E25 continues.Continue on A20 to A4 (RING ROTTERDAM ZUID) to EUROPOORT at Knooppunt KETHELPLEIN (Kethelplein Junction).Take A4 (through the BENELUXTUNNEL) to A15 (RING ROTTERDAM) to NIJMEGEN at Knooppunt BENELUX (Benelux Junction).Take A15 to A50 VENLO at Knooppunt VALBURG (Valburg Junction).Take A50, across the bridge, to A73 VENLO at Knooppunt EWIJK (Ewijk Junction).Take A73 to A74 (to BUNDESAUTOBAHN A61) MAINZ at Knooppunt TIGLIA (Tiglia Junction), near Venlo.Take A74 (briefly) to DEUTSCHLAND, where the highway continues as BUNDESAUTOBAHN A61.Continue on A61 to A48 FRANKFURT am MAIN at JUNCTION 37 (KREUZ KOBLENZ [Koblenz Interchange]).Take A48 to A3 FRANKFURT am MAIN at DREIECK DERNBACH (Dernbach Triangle interchange]).Take A3 to FRANKFURT am MAIN.

Which towns on the Rhine River are centers of tourism and wine?

Bingen Bonn; Koblenz

When was Raymond Alessandrini born?

Raymond Alessandrini was born in 1948, in Koblenz, Germany.

When was Edgar Baitzel born?

Edgar Baitzel was born in 1955, in Koblenz, Germany.

When was Thorsten Fleisch born?

Thorsten Fleisch was born in 1972, in Koblenz, Germany.

When was Andreas Grimm born?

Andreas Grimm was born in 1962, in Koblenz, Germany.

List Cities of world that start with K?

Kopenhagen, Koelln, Koblenz, Kuala Lumpur,

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