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What is the chemical formula for chicken meat?

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There is no chemical formula for chicken meat in the same way there is no chemical formula for table. Chicken meat is made of muscle cells which are in themselves comprised of incredibly complex amino acids formations and chemical substances which interact but are not all bonded together.

Since the atoms which form the meat aren't each bonded together, there is no single formula to describe the meat.

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Q: What is the chemical formula for chicken meat?
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What is the chemical formula for chicken?

There is no chemical formula for chicken - at least none that could be written here.

Is frying a chicken physical or chemical change?

Physical changes can be undone. It is not possible to unfry a chicken. The heat casues chemical changes in the meat and in any coating.

What is chicken meat?

Chicken meat is the flesh of the chicken.

Does chicken meat is red meat?

No. Chicken is white meat.

Is chicken white or red meat?

Chicken meat is white Chicken meat can also be red meat depending on what quality it is.

What is the name of chicken meat?

Chicken meat is poultry.

Can you eat chicken and meat together?

Chicken is meat?!?!?!

Is chicken rib meat white or dark meat?

Chicken rib meat is white meat.

Is meat healthier than chicken?

Chicken is a variety of meat.

Does chicken meat have eyeballs?

No, chicken meat doesn't have eyeballs.

What do you call the meat of a chicken?

You all the meat of a Chicken , chicken because the amount of fat produced is the amount of chicken you have.

Are CHICKEN white or dark meat?

Chicken is classed as white meat.

Where do you get fake chicken or meat?

You get them from the fake meat or fake chicken fatory.

What is the technical term for the meat of the chicken?

The muscle tissue of a chicken, when consumed as a meat product, is referred to as "chicken" or "chicken meat" overall. The individual pieces have names such as breast meat, drumstick, thigh and wing.

Is chicken consider meat or poultry?

A chicken is poultry. It has chicken meat inside when cooked, but is still poultry.

What meat is sesame chicken in the Chinese?

It is chicken breast meat in the sesame chicken found in Chinese restaurants. Most Chinese restaurants use chicken breast meat for their dishes.

What are the nutrients that can be found in a chicken meat?

The nutrients you get from chicken meat is Protein, and Fat

Is chicken considered meat in Judaism?

Yes, chicken is classified as meat by Judaism.

Does meat includes chicken and fish?

Yes chicken and fish are included in meat and is commonly known as white meat

How do you make chicken wings from a dog?

Chicken wings are made from poultry, or chicken. The meat used for chicken wings is the chicken's breast meat.

Why is the breast meat of a chicken white and the leg meat red?

Leg meat of a chicken is dark, not red. Red meat comes from cows.

Are chicken thighs considered white meat?

Chicken thighs are considered dark meat.

If Chicken is to meat then what is chair to?

chicken is a kind of meat ... so ... chair is a kid of FURNITURE .

What is the difference between lamb and chicken?

Lamb is a red meat and chicken is a white meat

Is chicken a fruit or vegetable?

Chicken is meat.