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What is the chemical formula for soy lecithin?


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The molecule phosphatidylcholine


Its C40H80NO8P


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Formula, not equation. An equation describes a reaction, not a chemical. Lecithin is a mixture of a lot of different chemicals, mostly phospholipids.

The molecule phosphatidylcholine lecithin - C40H80NO8P

Soy lecithin does not contain eggs. It is the alternative to lecithin which does contain egg yolks. Soy lecithin uses fatty substances from animal and plant sources.

give me the chemical formula for soy protein

Lecithin can come from two main sources; soy or eggs. Clearly if you have a soy allergy, eating soy lecithin is unwise. Luckily, if lecithin is from soy, it must be labelled "soy lecithin" on the packaging. Eating egg lecithin should present no problems. I should point out that the vast majority of regular chocolate bars contain soy lecithin rather than egg; lecithin-free chocolate is a specialty product which can sometimes be found in specialist chocolateries or health-food stores.

Soy lecithin is not, itself, a phytoestrogen. However, soy does contain phytoestrogen compounds.

Pure soy lecithin is vegan and gluten free.

Soy lecithin is a plant fat commonly used as an emulsifier in a variety processed foods.

formula for hydrolyzed soy protein

Soy sauce is a mixture, not a chemical compound.

Lecithin is an organic compound.

An emulsifier made from soy oil.

99 grams are thier in one teaspoon of soy lecithin

I don't know what the numbers mean, but I do know that soy lecithin is used as an emulsifier and as a thickener. Soy lecithin is sold in health and natural food stores.

The soy sauce is a mixture, not a compound.

Soy protein is not a single compound and does not have a chemical formula. It's a mixture of several different proteins.

The most different point is the composition of lecithin. Peanut lecithin contain: - PC (phosphatidyl choline)=49 % - PE (phosphatidyl inositol)=16 % - PI (phosphatidyl ethanolamine)=22 % Soybean lecithin contain: PC=21 %, PE=22, PI=19 %, PA (phosphatidic acid)=10 %, PS (phosphatidyl serine)=1 %, Glycolipid=12 % This is a simple answer. The chemical composition of lecithin is dependent on the source; soy lecithin and peanut lecithin are not identical.

In short, no. Lecithin is a type of fatty substance which occurs in plant and animal tissues. As the name suggests soy lecithin is derived from the soy bean. It is safe for people who have celiac disease to have it. However, people with an allergy to soy should avoid it.

No. Soy causes stones in the Kidneys

Some lecithin is derived from soy bean oil, and some is derived from animal fat. A lot is derived from egg. Best to go to a vegetarian store which stocks soy lecithin.

There is no definite answer to this question since Lecithin (which is an emulsifier) may be derived form either plant (i.e. soy lecithin) - or animal source. Here in Germany it is specifically written if the lecithin is derived from soy beans (= soy lecithin). If only "lecithin" is written on the product, one has to ensure (f.e. by contacting the producer) whether its derived from animal or plant-source. See more here:

Lecithin is any of a group of yellow-brownish fatty substances occurring in animal and plant tissues, and in egg yolk. When it is extracted from soy, it is called soy-lecithin. It's still lecithin, it's just telling you where it comes from :)

Yes. Lecithin is made from soy, as far as I know. Some lecithin is derived from soy bean oil, and some is derived from animal fat.. Best to go to a natural health/ vegetarian store.

i think it is a type of medicene

its haram because it contains soya lecithin which contains animal enzymes

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