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Sucrose, or table sugar, is C12H22O11.

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Q: What is the chemical formula for table sugar?
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What chemical formula for sugar?

Common table sugar is a disaccharide with formula: C12H22O11

Chemical formula for table sugar?

answer is: C12H22O11

What is the component for sugar?

Sugar (sucrose or saccharose) has the chemical formula C12H22O15. This formula is valid for table sugar.

What is the chemical composition of white sugar?

White sugar (table sugar or sucrose) has C12H22O11 as its chemical formula.

Chemical formula for sugar solution?

A sugar solution does not have a chemical formula as it is a mixture. Since there is not definite ratio between the components of the solution (sugar and water) a chemical formula would be impossible.The chemical formula of the sugar by itself, assuming it is table sugar, is C12H22O11

Chemical formula for sugar?

Examples: Glucose and fructose, with the formula C6H12O6. Sucrose, or table sugar, with the formula C12H22O11.

What is the chemical formula of table sugar?

ok so the answer is: C12H22O11

What is the equation for sugar?

The chemical formula is c12h22o11 for table sugar or c6h12o2 for plant sugar. C6H12O6

What are the chemical formula of sugar and salt?

The chemical formula of sugar(aka sucrose) is c12 h22 o11 and table salt is NaCI (sodium chloride)

What is the chemical formula called sucrose?

Sucrose is table sugar - C12H22O11.

Is table sugar a simple sugar?

No "Table sugar" is called in chemistry saccharose or sucrose; the chemical formula is C12H22O11. This is a disaccharide, not a simple (monosaccharide) sugar.

Elements found in table sugar?

The chemical formula for table sugar is the following C12H22O11. This means that the elements present in table sugar are carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

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