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The chemical formula for lithium bromide is LiBr.

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Sodium bromine is not a recognized chemical compound. The formula for sodium bromide is NaBr.

The name of the compound is: Rubidium bromide The Chemical formula is: RbBr

Potassium and bromine form the ionic compound potassium bromide with the chemical formula KBr.

The chemical name for this compound is Calcium bromide. Chemical formula for it is, CaBr2. It is white in color.

The chemical formula of potassium bromide is KBr.

The chemical formula for bromine Gas is Br2.

There is no such compound named Phosphorus bromine. It you refer to the product formed in the reaction of phosphorus and bromine, its Phosphorus Tribromide = PBr3

the difference is that the formula does not have the same categories as the chemical compound does

The ionic compound potassium bromide, with formula KBr.

This compound is the calcium bromide - CaBr2, with application as drug for crazy individuals, drilling fluid, food preservative, etc.

The chemical formula for potassium and bromine is KBr and is named potassium bromide.

The chemical formula for the compound formed between potassium and iodine is KI (potassium iodide).

The chemical formula for the compound formed between rubidium and oxygen is rubidium oxide - Rb2O.

Bromine is an element and has the symbol Br.

BeBr2 is the chemical formula of beryllium bromide.

This compound is the carbon tetrabromide - CBr4.

"water" is not the formula for a chemical compound.

The chemical formula represent the chemical composition of a compound.