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Two calculations have been made for the chemical formula for the human body, one a 26-element formula calculation by American chemical engineer Libb Thims in 2002:



and another 22-element (empirical) formula calculation by American limnologists Robert Sterner and James Elser in 2000:

H375,000,000 O132,000,000 C85,700,000 N6,430,000 Ca1,500,000 P1,020,000 S206,000 Na183,000 K177,000 Cl127,000 Mg40,000 Si38,600 Fe2,680 Zn2,110 Cu76 I14 Mn13 F13 Cr7 Se4 Mo3 Co1

References Human molecular formula - Encyclopedia of Human Thermodynamics - Encyclopedia of Human Thermodynamics


2. Sterner, Robert W. and Elser, James J. (2002). Ecological Stoichiometry: the Biology of Elements from Molecules to the Biosphere, (chapter one) (human molecule, empirical formula pg. 3; discussion, pgs. 47, 135). Princeton University Press.

3. Thims, Libb. (2008). The Human Molecule, (preview) (Google Books). Morrisville, NC: LuLu.

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Q: What is the chemical formula of human body?
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