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What is the circuit diagram of a bead thermistor?

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The sign i have been using for the last few years on my courses has been the rectangular symbol of a usual resistor with a diagonal line passing through it and a degrees centigrade annotation next to it

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How the temperature of a thermistor affects voltage in a circuit?

thermistor increases with temperature

What is the function of thermistor in circuit?

To detect heat?

How is thermistor used in a thermostat?

A thermistor changes its resistance when the temperature changes. This means as the room temperature changes the current in the circuit containing the thermistor changes. This change in current is detected by the heater circuit, turning the heater on and off.

How the temperature of a thermistor affect the current which is able to flow in the circuit?

The resistance of a thermistor decreases when the temperature increases. So more current can pass when the thermistor has a high temperature.

What does R T mean on a circuit board?


How is a circuit diagram related to a closed circuit?

A circuit diagram could be related to a closed circuit if the diagram is of a closed circuit.

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What is the circuit diagram of a sense amplifier?

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What is the Circuit diagram of RC coupled amplifier?

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Broad cast telephone hybrid circuit diagram?

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What is phase diagram in series LCR circuit?

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What does a thermister do in a circuit?

A Thermistor Is essentially a variable resistor. The resistance of the thermistor changes with temperature. They're often used to regulate heating elements - like those found in cookers.

What is the definition of circuit diagram?

A circuit diagram, or schematic, is a picture of how the components in a circuit are connected together. Using the diagram, you can perform analysis of the design. You can also use it to troubleshoot a fault in the circuit.

Circuit diagram of RC coupled amplifier?

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Solidstate Servo Voltage Stabiliser working circuit diagram?

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Is the resistance of a thermistor measured in degrees celsius?

resistance is measured in 'ohms'. A thermistor basically tells u how temperature affects resistance in a circuit, generally the higher the temperature (degrees) the less resistance

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Will a circuit work if the resistance of the fixed resistor is larger than the resistance value of the thermistor?

In order to answer that, one would need to know what the circuit is designed to do (so that he would know how to tell when the circuit is "working"), and would also need to see the schematic diagram, in order to know exactly how the fixed resistor and the thermistor are configured in the circuit, and what other components are involved. Consider . . . If I came up to you on the street, or even for that matter in an Engineering lab, and I said to you "I've got a circuit with a coil and a resistor in it. Will it work if the impedance of the coil is greater than the resistance of the resistor ?", you would most certainly find yourself at a loss, just as I do when I read your question.

How is a thermistor used?

A: a thermistor will change with temperature so if temperature becomes unsafe its output is monitored and other circuit will shut down the electronics . It can also be used as a controlling device whereby temperature is involved

What is circuit diagram of open circuit?

When a circuit is in off condition then it is called an open circuit..

Circuit diagram of mother board?

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Circuit diagram of illumination controller using diac and triac?

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What is schematic circuit?

a schematic circuit is a diagram that show you how a particular circuit works

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