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It was named for General Benjamin Lincoln.

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What city is home to the world's largest bojangles?

A small city located in North Carolina called Lincolnton,NC

What states have a city named Turkey in US?

According to Wikipedia... North Carolina, Texas & New York all have towns named Turkey.

Where is Lenior North Carolina located?

The city of Lenoir is located in Caldwell County in North Carolina of the United States. The city was named after General William Lenoir, who was a Revolutionary war figure and North Carolina statesman.

How was are city named?

Cities are usually named after people like the city Raleigh in North Carolina was named after famous colonist Walter Raleigh.

What is the COUNTY OF Kingston North Carolina?

There is no city in North Carolina named Kingston. There is a Kinston, North Carolina. Kinston is located in Lenoir county and is in the coast plain (eastern) area of the state.

What state's capital city is named after Sir Walter Raleigh?

North Carolina

How do you spell wakovia?

The city in North Carolina (and the financial company named for it) is spelled "Wachovia".

What in North Carolina starts with the letter G?

Greensboro is a city in North Carolina. Greenville is a city in North Carolina.

Where is the capital city of North Carolina?

Raleigh is the capital city of North Carolina.

How many states have a city named goldsboro?

Four: Maryland North Carolina Pennsylvania Texas

What is the smallest city in North Carolina?

The smallest city in North Carolina is Long Town.

What is the biggest city in North Carolina?

Charlotte North Carolina

What starts with A in North Carolina?

· Asheville is a city in North Carolina

Is Charlotte a major city in the Piedmont region of North Carolina?

No. It is in a different place. MUCH different. There's a major city named Charlotte in Michigan. There is a minor city of Charlotte in South Carolina.

What state has a city named turkey?

Turkey, Texas; Turkey Creek, Louisiana; and Turkey, North Carolina

What is the most polluted city in North Carolina?

The most populated city in North Carolina is Charlotte

Where is the realest city in North Carolina?

Durham North Carolina best known as the Bull City!!

What is the zip code for the city Holdrege in North Carolina?

I don't think there is a city named Holdrege in North Carolina. I have never heard of another city named Holdrege and I am 63 years old. I live in Holdrege, Nebraska and you might have a typo on your hands. NC as opposed to NE. Our Zip code here is 68949.

Is Charlotte the capital of North Carolina?

No, the capital of North Carolina is Raleigh. Charlotte is the largest city of North Carolina.

Is Raleigh a big city in North Carolina?

Yes, as well as being the capitol city of North Carolina.

How many cities are nicknamed the queen city?

One city is named the queen city it is Charlotte North Carolina Clarksville, TN is also nicknamed Queen City.

What county is Cleveland NC?

Cleveland, North Carolina is in the county of Rowand. The city is named after Cleveland, England. There are 818 people living in this city.

What is the second largest city in North Carolina?

The largest city in North Carolina is Charlotte with a population of 687,650 people. The second largest city in North Carolina is Raleigh, with a population of 368,944 people.

How did Durham North Carolina get its name?

It was named after Bartlett Snipes Durham. He was a country physician who donated land for a railroad station, so the city was named for him.

Places in North Carolina that start with c?

Cary is a city in North Carolina

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