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Cleveland, Ohio (in Shame of the Cities, 1904) under Mayor Tom Johnson.

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Q: What is the city identified by Lincoln Steffens in The Shame of the Cities as America's best governed city?
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What has the author Lincoln Steffens written?

Lincoln Steffens has written: 'Lincoln Steffens speaking' 'The shame of the cities' -- subject(s): Municipal government, Political corruption 'Letters, 1889-1936'

Early muckraker who exposed the political corruption in many American cities?

Lincoln steffens

Was Lincoln Steffens a scalawag?


Where was Lincoln steffens born?


What did Lincoln steffens write about?


What was Lincoln Steffens against?

corrupt government.

What did Lincoln Steffens accomplish?

Lincoln Steffens was a journalist who covered the Mexican Revolution of 1910 and wrote on the beginnings of the government of the Soviet Union, based on his visit there.

What books did Lincoln steffens write?

Lincoln Steffens was an American journalist and author who wrote several influential books. Some of his notable works include "The Shame of the Cities" (1904), which exposed political corruption in American cities, and "Autobiography of Lincoln Steffens" (1931), in which he reflected on his experiences as a muckraking journalist. Steffens' writings had a significant impact on the Progressive Era and the field of investigative journalism.

What injustice did muckracker Lincoln steffens uncover?

political corruption

What did muckracker Lincoln steffens criticize?

GOvernment corruption in cities

In the shames of the cities Lincoln steffens argued that people need to...?

In the shame of the cities, Lincoln Steffens argued that people needed to care about the common good even if they were doing well personally.

What are Lincoln Steffens and Jane Addams best known for?

Lincoln Steffens and Jane Addams are best known for trying to ease the problems of the urban poor during the Progressive Movement. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Lincoln Steffens worked for the New York Evening Post, McClure's Magazine, and The American Magazine.