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for all the chicks

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What is most famous city in England?

the most famous city in England is London

What is a famous medieval city?


What city did shakespeare become a famous writer?

in london

What is famous city in London?

London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

Why did London become a big city?

It is a huge city because there are lots of famous buildings that attract tourists.

What place is a famous tourist city in Europe that starts with a L?

· London, England

How did the London underground get famous?

The London Underground is famous because it provides a network to many areas in and around the city, including daily services to King's Cross/St. Pancras station and London Heathrow Airport, which is convenient to many passengers visiting different parts of the city.

How many miles is it from Georgia to London?

Distance between georgia to london is 2484 miles. London is a very famous city and many famous celebrities come there. It can be visited through air means and that is the fastest as well.

Where is the London bridge currently located?

The famous London bridge is located in the city of London, England across the Thames river. The beauty of the bridge is very famous and is a very popular tourist point.

Why is lisbon famous in Portugal?

Lisbon is famous in Portugal because it is capital city for example London is a famous city in England also Lisbon is the biggest city and tourists from other country's normally go stay there on there trip

What is the name the city located on river Thames famous for its astronomical observatory?

Greenwich, London

Famous people in London?

Famous people in London?

Is the London eye famous?

Yes, the London Eye is a famous London landmark.

Who is the head of the city of London?

The City of London and the city called London are two distinct places. The head of the City of London is the 'Lord Mayor of the City of London'. This should not be confused with the 'Mayor of London', who is in charge of the whole of Greater London.

Who were the important people in London?

One famous person from the city of London is Charles Dickens, who is very important in the literature field. Other famous people include Sigmund Freud and Winston Churchill.

Why is the Tower of London so famous?

what is the toower of london famous for

Famous city with the letter g?

Greenwich, in London, after which Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is named.

Tower Bridge over the River Thames is a famous landmark in what European capital city?


When does the suite life on deck come out in England?

London is one of the most famous City in the world.

Is London a country or a city?

London is a city.

What is the famous bridge in London called?

The most famous bridge is called in london is the london bridge

What famous people come from London?

What famous people come from London??

How can the city of Westminster be wtihin the city of London GB?

The City of Westminster and the City of London are both within Greater London.

What is city is located in London England?

City of London and City of Westminster.

Which city is father north New York city or London?

london. london.

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