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Q: What is the city of the basketball team west Kentucky?
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Is the Denver basketball team from the west?

Yes the denver Nuggets are in West

Where is the basketball team purdue from?

Purdue is located in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Does west virginia a have pro sport team?

No - Minor league basketball only

How do you get to Yahoo Falls in Kentucky?

near Whitley City, Kentucky. From Kentucky 27, head west on 700 for 4 miles. Signs indicate how to get to the falls.

When your in the army reserve can you play for the army basketball team?

The Army has an athletics programme which is open to members of the Regular Army. If you are referring to the Army basketball team which plays against college basketball teams, the answer is going to be no, as that "Army" basketball team is the team of the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Who can join the WVU Basketball league?

WVU stands for West Virginia University and their basketball team the West Virginia Mountaineers play in the NCAA Division. To join the team and play in that league one must attend the university, try out for the team and be selected.

What is city halfway between West Hartford Connecticut and Lexington Kentucky?

Frostburg, MD

What is the name of a city that shares it's name with a city in Florida kansas Kentucky Michigan Massachusetts west Virginia Washington Ohio?

Quincy.A city in Illinois, Kansas, and West Virgina is the city Zenith.

Which state is farthest west North Carolina or West Virginia or Kentucky?

Kentucky is the farthest west.

What college basketball team has the best defence?

Either Kentucky or Ohio State without a doubt. Kentucky coach John Calipari takes outstanding offensive players and teaches them tough defense. Ohio State has the good coaching but they also have a good balance between young and expeirenced players which helps to. Another team that plays in your face defense is West Virginia.

When was Windstream Kentucky West created?

Windstream Kentucky West was created in 1954.

What is the name of the rival basketball team in High School Musical?

West High Knights

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