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What is the classification of DBMS and its interfaces?


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DBMS Interfaces

User-friendly interfaces provided by a DBMS may include the following. � Menu-Based interfaces for Web Clients or Browsing: These interfaces present user with lists of options, called menus, that lead the user through the formulation a request. Menus do away with the need to memorize the specific commands and syntax of a query language. Pull-down menus are a very popular technique in Web based user interfaces. They are also often used in browsing interfaces, which allows a user to look through the contents of a database. � Forms-Based Interfaces: A forms-based interface displays a form to each user. Forms are usually designed and programmed for naive users as interfaces to canned transactions. Some systems have utilities that define a form by letting the end user interactively construct a sample form on the screen. � Graphical User Interfaces: A graphical interface (GUI) typically displays a schema to the user in diagrammatic form. The user can then specify a query by manipulating diagram. In many cases, GUls utilize both menus and forms. Most GUls use a pointing device, such as a mouse, to pick certain parts of the displayed schema diagram. � Natural Language Interfaces: These interfaces accept requests written in English, Hindi or some other language and attempt to "understand" them. A natural language interface usually has its own "schema," which is similar to the database conceptual schema, as well as a dictionary of important words. � Interfaces for Parametric Users: Parametric users, such as bank tellers, often have a small set of operations that they must perform repeatedly. Systems analysts and programmers design and implement a special interface for each known class of na�ve users. Usually, a small set of abbreviated commands is included, with the goal of minimizing the number of keystrokes required for each request. For example, function keys in a terminal can be programmed to initiate the various commands. � Interfaces for the DBA. Most database systems contain privileged commands that can be used only by the DBA's staff. These include commands for creating account, setting system parameters, granting account authorization, changing a schema, and reorganizing the storage structures of a database.


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Your Database Management System (DBMS) should provide this facility. However, most DBMS will also allow you to create user-defined interfaces in a programming language of your choosing. Consult your DBMS documentation for specifics.

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A database supports a number of user groups, the DBMS must have languages and interfaces that support each user group.Types of interfaces provided by the DBMS include:Menu-Based Interfaces for Web Clients or BrowsingPresent users with list of options (menus)Lead user through formulation of requestQuery is composed of selection options from menu displayed by system.Forms-Based InterfacesDisplays a form to each user.User can fill out form to insert new data or fill out only certain entries.Designed and programmed for naïve users as interfaces to canned transactions.Graphical User InterfacesDisplays a schema to the user in diagram form. The user can specify a query by manipulating the diagram. GUIs use both forms and menus.Natural Language InterfacesAccept requests in written English, or other languages and attempt to understand them.Interface has its own schema, and a dictionary of important words. Uses the schema and dictionary to interpret a natural language request.Interfaces for Parametric UsersParametric users have small set of operations they perform.Analysts and programmers design and implement a special interface for each class of naïve users.Often a small set of commands included to minimize the number of keystrokes required. (I.e. function keys)Interfaces for the DBASystems contain privileged commands only for DBA staff.Include commands for creating accounts, setting parameters, authorizing accounts, changing the schema, reorganizing the storage structures etc.

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DBMS is Database management system .Database design is very important in DBMS, It serves as a foundation of DBMS.

Microsoft Excel is not a DBMS. It is a spreadsheet application. A DBMS is a database management system. While Excel does have some database capabilities, it is not a DBMS.

In DBMS the data is stored in the form of table . Each row in DBMS is known as tuple.

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DBMS is Database Management System.

What is the purpose of dbms?DBMS is a software that organises the creation, storage and maintenance of Databases for end users.

DataBase Management System (DBMS)is a software package# it allows data to be effectively stored, retrieved and manipulatedand # the data stored in a DBMS packege can be accessed by multiple users and by multiple application programs like (SQL Server, Oracle, Ms-Access) .Types of DBMS# Hierarachical DBMS (HDBMS)# Network DBMS (NDBMS)# Relational DBMS (RDBMS)# Object Oriented DataBase(OODB)# Distributed DBMS (DDBMS)

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DBMS is database management system and it stores data that are related. DBMS maintains data security and integrity as well.

Basic Characteristics of DBMS• Represents complex relationship between data• Controls data redundancy.• Enforces user defined rules.• Ensures data sharing.• It has automatic and intelligent backup and recovery procedures.• It has central dictionary to store information.• Pertaining to data and its manipulation.• It has different interfaces via which user can manipulate the data.• Enforces data access authorization.

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No. MS Access is an application which uses a (sort of) DBMS. The power of the DBMS it uses is limited which is why it is not used for larger applications.

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DBMS stands for Database Management System.

A DBMS and a flat file are similar but diffrent. A flat file can not link files together however a DBMS can.

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