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Q: What is the climate like 542-488million years ago?
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What was the climate like 79 million years ago?

very hot and humid

How can scientists learn what the climate might have been like on the earth millions of years ago?

The layers in the soil can give a fingerprint of the climate.

What was the climate like in Asia 10000 years ago?

10,000 years ago was when the last ice age started. Asia was probably covered with ice or was starting to cover with ice.

What was Antarctica's climate like millions of years ago?

Going far enough back Antarctica was tropical.

How do scientists learn about the climate in Antarctica thousands of years ago?

Ice cores are useful for scientists who want to learn about the climate in Antarctica thousands of years ago.

What was Earth's climate like 26000 years ago?

26,000 years ago the Earth was in a period of glaciation. The average global temperature would have been much cooler than today.

What was the climate like in Antarctica 100 years ago on a map?

In 1915, there weren't necessarily good maps of Antarctica, and none of them showed climate, only landmass.

What was the geography and climate like in the middle colonies?

There is little reason to expect that the geography and climate 200 to 300 years ago would be significantly different from what they are at present.

What Can be taken from Antarctica to show climate data from thousands of year ago?

Index Fossils- Shows what kind of climate was there thousands of years ago.

What was the earth's climate like 160000 million years ago?

Earth has existed a little more than 4.5 billion years. 160,000 million years ago was the Jurassic period. The climate was warm and humid, leading to lush and green foliage. It was an ecologically diverse time, and mammals were evolving rapidly. There were dinosaurs.

What was the climate on earth 410 million years ago?

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Why does climate change slowly?

Weather changes from day to day, so yesterday's weather could be very different from today's. Climate is the pattern of weather over a number of years. We can't see that climate is changing until we can compare it to what it was like ten years ago. This is why climate changes slowly.

What type of climate was there in Antarctica thousands of years ago?

Thousands of year ago Antarctica was much like it is now: very cold and covered in ice. You would have to go back 160 million years to find it was warm.

How did the climate of West Africa change 5000 years ago?

it became dryer

What was Mexico like 500 years ago?

500 Years ago in mexico

Is there an area of Canada with a tropical like climate?

There was but that was a long time ago. Today Canada does not have a tropical climate.

What is the climate of England?

The English Climate is mild. I remember learning it geography about 10 years ago!! Hope this helps and don't improve my answer!!!

Was science invented 600 years ago?

no more like thousands of years ago

What was the climate 100 billion years ago?

I feel pretty confident in stating here that there was no climate to gauge if one takes into account that there was no 100 billion years ago, as it would've been before the big bang (13-15 billion yrs ago) which we now consider is when time began.

How can tree rings tell us about climate change?

The thicker the tree ring the more tropical climate they lived in. The thinner the tree ring the colder and drier the climate was. 80,000,000 years ago tropical trees lived in Greenland. This tells us that Greenland was a tropical island 80,000,000 years ago.

What was the weather 50 years ago today?

Was the weather like 50 years ago today

What was the climate like where the nez perce lived?

Some 3,500 years ago, the climate in this region was more moist and cool than at ... Because of this, more Indians than at any other time lived in the Blue Mountains.

What was school like 500 years ago?

school was so different the what it is now from 500 years ago

When did Google surpass Yahoo in searches?

Like some years ago, about 3 or 4 years ago.

What was it like 4000 years ago?

4000 years ago it was very dry and cave men came