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Humid Continetal

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Q: What is the climate of eastern Europe?
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What type of climate does western and eastern Europe have?

Western Europe has an oceanic climate while Eastern Europe has a continental one.

What kind of climate is in most of Central and Eastern Europe?

Well, most of Central Europe has maritime climate while most of Eastern Europe has continental climate.

What is the climate in Eastern Europe?

Eastern Europe has a continental climate. This being cold winters and warm summers, a drastic contrast between seasons.

What effects the climate in eastern Europe?

Polution effected eastern Europe's climate because of the cities around it.

How is a Mediterranean climate differ rent from he climate in eastern Europe and northern Europe?

The mediterranean climate is subtropical. Eastern Europe has a so-called land climate: hot in summer, cold in winter. Northern Europe has a so-called subarctic climate, in the west tempered by the influence of the (warm) Gulf stream.

What type of climate does most of eastern Europe have?

Eastern Europe is a continental climate. This is where winters are cold and summers are hot, basically a huge contrast between seasons.

What is the climate of most of the central region of Eastern Europe?

Dat Polar Climate.

The climate of Eastern Central Europe is mainly?


Why does western Europe have a mild climate compared to eastern Europe?

The North Atlantic Drift, which is a warm water current, brings warm water (and ultimately warmer weather) to Western Europe. The effects do not reach Eastern Europe, so Eastern Europe's climate is not as mild.

Which of the following is NOT a main climate zone in Europe?

Well there are only four main climate zones in Europe, so if they are not a part of the list, then they are not a main climate zone in Europe. The main climate zones are Mediterranean Climate, Continental Climate, Oceanic Climate, and Subarctic Climate. These climate zones may also be expressed as regions: Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Northern Europe.

What part of Europe or russia has the same climate as Illinois?

Illinois has a Humid Continental Climate. Eastern Europe as well as Southwestern Russia has this climate as well.

Does western Europe have a different climate than eastern Europe?

Some parts, yes.

How does the climate of eastern Europe change from north to south?

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Which climate covers most of eastern Europe?

Humid Continental

How does Eastern Europe's climate compare with that of Western Europe?

Eastern Europe has a continental climate while Western Europe has an oceanic climate. A continental climate has cold winters and hot summers, really contrasting seasons. An oceanic climate has cold to mild winters and mild to warm summers, as well as an absence of a dry season.

How is the climate of western Europe different from that of eastern Europe?

Western Europe has mainly an oceanic climate while Eastern Europe has mainly a continental climate. An oceanic climate is defined as mild to warm summers with cold to mild winters, and there is also an absence of a dry season. A continental climate is defined as a noticeable contrast between seasons, having hot summers and cold winters.

Most of europe has what kind of climate?

It's really neck and neck between the Continental Climate and Oceanic Climate. Eastern Europe is Continental while Western is Oceanic.

What is the most important factor that influences climate in eastern Europe?


Why eastern part of Europe has exterme climata?

Eastern Europe has a Continental Climate which means that winters are cold and summer are hot (temperature drastically changes between seasons). Climates have to do with latitude, area, etc. The placement of Eastern Europe just makes it capable of having a Continental Climate.

What countries of Western Europe have the climate of continental cool summers?

No countries in Western Europe has any sort of continental climate, as this type of climate is distinctly found only in Eastern Europe. Most Western European nations have an oceanic climate.

Why is Bulgaria know as the garden of eastern Europe?

Bulgaria is known as the garden of Eastern Europe because of its pleasant climate; warm summers and mild winters.

Which climate covers large parts of Europe?

The largest climates in Europe are the oceanic and continental climates. Oceanic climate covers most of Western Europe while continental covers most of Eastern Europe.

How many climate zones are in Europe?

There are four major climate zones, each distinct to a specific region of Europe:Northern Europe - Subarctic climateEastern Europe - Continental climateSouthern Europe - Mediterranean climateWestern Europe - Oceanic climateSubarctic climate - Northern EuropeA subarctic climate is one of the coldest climates on the planet. It is found in Scandinavia and Northern-interior Russia. Its winters are long and freezing while its summers are short and cool.Continental climate - Eastern EuropeA continental climate has a large contrast between seasons, where winters are cold and summers are hot.Mediterranean climate - Southern EuropeA Mediterranean climate is found along the Mediterranean coast. Its temperatures are within a small range year round. Its winters are mild while its summers are warm to hot.Oceanic climate - Western EuropeAn oceanic climate has no dry season. Its winters are cool while its summers are mild to warm.

Is Romania in western Europe?

No, Romania is in eastern Europe.No, Romania is in eastern Europe.No, Romania is in eastern Europe.No, Romania is in eastern Europe.No, Romania is in eastern Europe.No, Romania is in eastern Europe.No, Romania is in eastern Europe.No, Romania is in eastern Europe.No, Romania is in eastern Europe.No, Romania is in eastern Europe.No, Romania is in eastern Europe.

How do climate vary between the four subregions of Europe?

Northern Europe: Cool to mild summers, freezing to cold winters. [Subarctic Climate] Eastern Europe: Hot summers, cold winters [Continental Climate] Southern Europe: Hot summers, mild winters [Mediterranean Climate] Western Europe: Warm summers, mild winters [Oceanic Climate]