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Humid Continetal

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Q: What is the climate of eastern Europe?
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What type of climate does western and eastern Europe have?

Western Europe has an oceanic climate while Eastern Europe has a continental one.

What effects the climate in eastern Europe?

Polution effected eastern Europe's climate because of the cities around it.

What kind of climate is in most of Central and Eastern Europe?

Well, most of Central Europe has maritime climate while most of Eastern Europe has continental climate.

What is the climate in Eastern Europe?

Eastern Europe has a continental climate. This being cold winters and warm summers, a drastic contrast between seasons.

How is a Mediterranean climate differ rent from he climate in eastern Europe and northern Europe?

The mediterranean climate is subtropical. Eastern Europe has a so-called land climate: hot in summer, cold in winter. Northern Europe has a so-called subarctic climate, in the west tempered by the influence of the (warm) Gulf stream.

Why does western Europe have a mild climate compared to eastern Europe?

The North Atlantic Drift, which is a warm water current, brings warm water (and ultimately warmer weather) to Western Europe. The effects do not reach Eastern Europe, so Eastern Europe's climate is not as mild.

What is the climate of most of the central region of Eastern Europe?

Dat Polar Climate.

What type of climate does most of eastern Europe have?

Eastern Europe is a continental climate. This is where winters are cold and summers are hot, basically a huge contrast between seasons.

The climate of Eastern Central Europe is mainly?


How does Eastern Europe's climate compare with that of Western Europe?

Eastern Europe has a continental climate while Western Europe has an oceanic climate. A continental climate has cold winters and hot summers, really contrasting seasons. An oceanic climate has cold to mild winters and mild to warm summers, as well as an absence of a dry season.

What part of Europe or russia has the same climate as Illinois?

Illinois has a Humid Continental Climate. Eastern Europe as well as Southwestern Russia has this climate as well.

Which climate covers most of eastern Europe?

Humid Continental

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