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What is the climax in Back to the Future 1?


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January 02, 2009 12:51AM

When a young man, Marty, goes back in time from 1985 to 1955 and on the way he meets his parents, a mean guy named Biff, also he meets the scientist that back 1985 helps him get to 1955. But as he goes he is losing his family picture which me his sister and his brother will be erased from existence. He has to go to the "Under the Sea" dance, and Marty's dad knocks out Biff and becomes popular. Then, Marty plays a songs for the dance . Oh, did i menchen that a lighting bolt is going to strike the clock tower of hill valley, and the scientist, Emmet Brown, (younger) helps him go back to the future, but the cords that are attached to the cable keep coming undone. He has to climb to the clock tower, and gets scared, and finally swings down to the tree the part of the cord came off and the car reaches the level to get back to the future and his life is completely different since his dad punched Biff and now Biff is not the supervisor and Marty and his girlfriend Jennifer are going to be able to go ride in his new 4x4 truck to go up to camp on a hill and before his life was different dock gets shot at the beginning. Marty comes 10 minutes before he gets shot by the Libyans for stealing plutonium to try to make a bomb, but the scientist said that he doesn't want to change the future in 1955, but he read it because he didn't want to get shot so he wears a bullet proof vest and doesn't get shot. Back at his house when his life is better The scientist comes back and goes to 2015 with him and Jennifer. That is to be continued.......