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Q: What is the clincal term for the vaginal wetness when women get sexually aroused?
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Does a woman feel when she is sexually wet?

They do. They get aroused and the "wetness" is vaginal lubrication.

Is Vaginal wetness Hereditary?

No, Vaginal wetness happens to all females as to men's erections

What can i do about excessive vaginal wetness?


Where does the wetness come from when a woman has sex?

The vaginal walls self-lubricate.

What is the wet substance of girls vagina?

During sexual intercourse at the point of orgasm, the wetness is vaginal lubricant.

What does getting aroused mean?

Your breathing becomes quickened, your impulse control is compromised. For men it usually includes an erection. For women it can include a tingling and wetness in the genitals. From there things go quickly past aroused.

Why are girl's vagina's wet?

When a girl gets sexually excited, she has an orgasm (the wetness), which is to make it easier for the penis to enter.

What are the effects of arousal?

Erect and hard nipples, body heating up, heavy breathing, vaginal lubrication/wetness and fast heart beat.

Is lower backaches mild cramping and vaginal wetness a sign of pregnancy?

Could be - take a test if your period doesn't arrive. It could just be PMS symptoms

How does wetness affect the resistance of your body?

Higher wetness lower resistance.

What is the possessive noun of snow wetness?

The possessive form of the phrase snow wetness is snow's wetness.example: The snow's wetness soaked right through my coat.

Do girls like bondage?

Sure. It's the girls and women who like bondage more than males. My wife says she does not like to be tied up, but when I forcibly tied her hands and ankles with a soft rope she became highly aroused sexually and had sex with me. She always pretends not to like it but secretly wants me to use force and have her against her will. Her wetness and swollen lips and her expression is all indicative of liking it all.

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