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Q: What is the code for a rune defender on project catastrophe?
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What is the code for rune arrows on project catastrophe?

::pickup 892

Can you have more than one rune defender?

Yes you can have more than one rune defender.

How do you get a rune defender in RuneScape?

The rune defender is classified only for members, if your a member go to the Warriors' guild on the top floor. It requires 40 Attack and 40 Defence to wield. The Rune defender is dropped by Cyclopes but first you will have to get the bronze defender and get the other defenders BEFORE you can get a rune defender. Hope i helped.

What is the Saradomin Sword code for Frugooscape?

the code is ::newstuff0 and u can get many items with it also a rune party hat and d full helm d defender the code is ::newstuff0 and u can get many items with it also a rune party hat and d full helm d defender

Where do you get the rune defender on RuneScape?

YOU go to the warriors guild, and gain at least 100 points. Then enter the room with the cyclops and kill them until they drop a bronze defender. Keep repeating this until they drop a rune defender. The requirements for the warriors guild is 65 attack, and 65 strength.

What are other scapes like moparscape?

if you mean like rune scape here is some:ninjascape or project catastrophe or quarterx search them all in google le but with quarter x type quarter x server download

Which is better an unholy book or a rune defeneder?

I would recommend the rune defender it usually gives a good amount of bonuses for melee and other skills ;)

How do you weild 2 daggers on RuneScape?

As far as I know you are not able to wield two dagger as the same time but there is such a thing as a rune defender and that is like a dagger. you will be able to find it in the champions guild you will find them as drops the best one you can get is a rune defender and are hard to get.

Are their any good private servers for runescape?

Well, it actually depending on what private server you want, i know spawn ones and a few economy ones: Spawn Servers: Rune-Xile (Spawn), Project Catastrophe, Soul-xile, Revolution X Economy Servers: Misthalin, Rune-Xile (Economy) HOPE THIS HELPED

What is the best shield for attack in Runescape?

If you have the money for it, Dragon Fire shield ( Fully Charged ) The second best - Rune Defender.

What is the best armour set-up to use with a dragon dagger in runescape?

For the original use fighter torso available at pest control a rune defender a helm of neitznot and last but not least rune pl legs!

What is a good shield on RuneScape?

Use a crystal shield or a dragon sq shield, both really good, or you could try a rune defender

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