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The last known working code for the bag in Build-A-Bearville was: PC2Z-5YWV-SCTX

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βˆ™ 2016-05-30 15:52:18
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Q: What is the code for the bag Build-a-Bearville?
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How do you get creadit on buildabearville?

you have to have a reciept code

What is a buildabearville code?

a buildabearville code is 12 letters and numbers or just numbers put together into a code. which u can use at the build-a-bear-workshop at the town square to get free items, money, or u can use the code to bring a animal to life. one buildabearville code is '''TK3Z-6V8PV48L another code is milk-rcks-2008 '''

How do you get rides on Build-A-Bearville?

you have to have a receipt code and enter it at the buildabearville workshop.

How Do you Get A Code For Buildabearville?

visit my site at to have all the answeres

Does anyone have a buildabearville code that is something like an emotion or a bear code?

There is every code possible on this web site:

Where are the hearts on buildabearville?

BuildAbearVille is a babv

An unused buildabearville code to bring a bear to life send it to me at makayla

i don't think anyone will give you there babv code... sorry...

Codes to redeem a virtual party room for buildabearville?

You have to have a real birthday party to get the party room code

What are some cheat codes for recipt numbers for buildabearville?

get a build a bear and you're sure to get a recipt code!

How do you cheat on buildabearville?

you need to type in a code and put the code where it tells you to like in town square you put a code there research it online have fun using your codes thx!!!!!: )

Why is buildabearville underconstrusun?

They are only in constuction on buildabearville to upgrade it , or make it better.

A buildabearville recipt code please some one email me them if them at jaredp999yahoocom thank you?

yeah hope this works 22222222222222222222222222

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