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Q: What is the code needed to use a GameShark in Pokemon?
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How do you get 2 masterballs in Pokemon sapphire?

Use a Gameshark (I lost my Gameshark code for it)

How do you enter a gameshark code for Pokemon ruby?

use a master code

How do you use a code in Pokemon?

u need to get a gameshark

How do you get warp code to steal rental Pokemon?

yes. i do not know it, but you have to use the gameshark

How do you get Celebi in the begging of Pokemon emerald?

you can use gameshark code

How do you get 999 rare candies in Pokemon FireRed?

Use a GameShark code for it.

How do you use the gameshark code for shiny Pokemon with the wild Pokemon modifier?

you have to have Action Reply ds

What is the gameshark code to contract PKRS on Pokemon FireRed ROM how do you use the code once its been entered?

The Gameshark code to contract PKRS on Pokemon fire red ROM can be obtained once you purchase a premium account.

Can you get an evee in pokemon saphire?

if you have complited your pokedex. if no just use gameshark code.

Where you get mudkip Pokemon ruby?

Choose it as a starter, trade for it or use a gameshark code

Where you found sableye Pokemon Ruby?

Trade from Sapphire or use a Gameshark code

What is a working gameshark code for pokemon ruby and sapphire that gives easy catch on wild pokemon?

The working Gameshark code for Pokemon ruby and sapphire that gives easy catch on wild Pokemon is ECE60170-B3CCB7D2. Is there a certain master code to use w/ this?

How do you get the mystic ticket on Pokemon sapphire?

u can use the gameshark or you could have participated in the mystery gift event i can use the gameshark then what is the code?

How do you get trainers Pokemon in ruby?

If you mean catch them, use Gameshark(A cheating device). Use a code that lets you catch other trainer's Pokemon. If you don't have a Gameshark, you can't catch other trainer's Pokemon in normal gameplay.

What is the cheat for using a GameShark to get the Old Sea Chart in Pokemon?

You have to use a code for Mew.

Are you able to make a cheat on a gameshark and use the master code for Pokemon emerald?

Yes you can.

How do you get deiox in Pokemon Ruby?

It is an event. (over) Use gameshark(I don't know the code)

How do you use cheats on Pokemon sapphire without gameshark?

Action Replay? Code Breaker?

What is the GameShark code that allows you to use different starters in Pokemon Emerald?

emerald isn't on there

How do you get Deoxys on Pokemon Ruby with code breaker?

Use this gameshark cheat code Deoxys 8C5DE8C8A33E9D88 or C5946A0E65BE02B0 or FBC061A9072FC320

In Pokemon red rescue team can you use a gameshark code to easy recruit on mew?

Yes but Im no telling the code.

How do you steal Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You need a Gameshark or ActionreplayYou need a Gameshark. I use to steal Pokemon in Pokemon Gold and Silver with my Gameshark all the time.

What are Pokemon Blue glitch Pokemon Gameshark codes?

DO NOT USE GLITCH POKEMON CHEATS FOR THE GAMESHARK. They will delete your game file, and could permanently corrupt your gameshark.

What is the GameShark code for master ball in Pokemon light Platinum?

82025BD00001. While in the game, access your "Cheat List" and click "Gameshark" to enter this code. Because Pokemon Light Platinum is a hacked version of Pokemon Ruby, you can use a variety of cheats to enhance your gaming experience.

Can you get two exp-share in Pokemon FireRed?

no, except you get one from your friend or use some gameshark code

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