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Well you have to buy one from your local stare go to Target, Walmart, Toys r Us!

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โˆ™ 2012-09-06 08:55:51
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Q: What is the code to a gift code on stardoll?
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Where is my gift code on stardoll?

Add Me On Stardoll, I Am wayne260 and I'll help you.

Can You Tell Me A Stardoll Gift Code?

No. You have to purchase it.

What is a code for stardoll gift card?


Where do you go to on stardoll to type in your gift code?

Yeah How?

A fake stardoll gift card code?


What is the employee password for stardollcom?

What is the stardoll gift code

What is your gift code in stardoll?

No one can give out that type of info- go to the store and buy your own gift code

Will you become superstars if you redeem a gift code on stardoll?


Can someone give you a stardoll gift card code?


How many numbers does a stardoll gift code has?

I think 10.

What gift codes are they on stardoll?

No one can give out that type of info- go to the store and buy your own gift code

How do you get on to tipeing in a gift code for stardoll?

If you can get me a gift code i will tell you my user name is hannah_da_man on stardoll! and this isn't a scam because I'm letting you report abuse to me if i don't tell you Ansd tell xxcoolgalxx EX superstar

What is the emloyee code for stardoll 2012?

add mizzsally123 then snd her a gift then she will tell u how

Any free gift codes for stardoll?

any freee gift codes on stardoll

Can you have a gift code for stardoll?

Yes, All You Have To Do, Is go to Target, Wal-Mart, Publix, Or Anywhere else similar will give you a gift code! That Can Give You Superstar or Money!

How do you like stardoll?

The only way to have fun with stardoll when your not a superstar is to play in other stardoll houses and you can try on outfits but not buy them without money at starplaze its fun trust me i have tried my characters name is.....ilovebabysCutie......if you send me a gift i will give you a gift, 100 stardollars, and a code :).

What is gift subscription code?

If someone were to buy you, as a gift, a stardoll subscription they would maybe choose to buy a code. These are little cards you can buy at shops. You can choose the amount of money on them - for example, $10, $20, etc (so you can be Superstar). You can usually find a Stardoll Code Card in any big supermarket. These cards are there for convenience. It's easier to buy one of these cards as a gift than going online and paying. If you receive one of these cards as a gift, you will find a code on it. Type this code in to stardoll and you get your Stardoll Superstar subscription. To type the code in, go onto the "Upgrade to Superstar" button on your page and scroll down to the "Redeem Card" option. Type in your code and you're good to go.

How many letters are in a stardoll gift code?

I think there is about 9 letters in a stardoll gift code. I think I'm not positive though. I will let the person who set the question know if i find out a definite answer. :D If you have any other problems to do with stardoll be sure to let me know on my bio page or on stardol : Billiep707 x

Were do they sell stardoll gift cards?

you can find out on stardoll and click settings and go to gift cards. If you want to add me on stardoll my name is ajballerina

How do you get a free stardoll gift code and can you tell me one even if it is used?

yeah i was trying to figure that out to but you can only use a code once

A giftcode for stardoll?

you can't get a gift code from stardoll from someone else because you can only use the code twice. but you can go to stores like target or Walmart to buy a gift card and use it!! REMEMBER DON'T GIVE YOUR CODE OUT TO ANYONE OR ELSE WHEN YOU USE IT IT WONT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes and if you give it out some one can say, I've lost my stardoll account and this is the code I had before I was hack: blablabla... And then you can get their account. Don't give out the code.

Where do you put the stardoll code when you get one?

Go onto Become Superstar and then scroll down until you find Gift Card or Gift Code or something like that, Type in your code then press 'Redeem' voila! :D

A super star code for stardoll?

stardoll superstar code

Can someone give me an unused stardoll gift card code?

um you could go on you tube lol

Does anyone have a stardoll gift code?

wow people can't u see that it's a scam! so desperate