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how to check Samsung mobile life time

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Q: What is the code to know life time of Samsung e250?
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What are the phone specs for the Samsung E250?

Phone specs for the Samsung E250 are quite impressive for the price. Some of them include a battery life of up to five hours, bluetooth, Photocall for up to 1000 entries, camera and video capabilities.

What is the lifetimer code of Samsung mobiles?

Samsung has no life timer

What is the motto of Samsung Life Insurance?

Samsung Life Insurance's motto is 'A Partner For Life'.

What is the population of Samsung Life Insurance?

The population of Samsung Life Insurance is 2,010.

When was Samsung Life Insurance created?

Samsung Life Insurance was created in 1957.

What type of phone does shay mitchell have?

In real life, I know that she has an IPHONE. But in PLL, her phone is a SAMSUNG INTERCEPT.

When was Yongin Samsung Life Bichumi created?

Yongin Samsung Life Bichumi was created in 1977.

How do you check samsung mobile life timer?

What is Samsung mobile manufacturing month & year

How to enlarge samsung battery?

If you want to enlarge the Samsung battery life, it is important that you only charge your battery when the level falls down.

How do you change your battery charge from 80 percent to 100 percent on your Samsung R530?

>Start >All Programs >Samsung folder(You may have two folders named Samsung) >Battery Life Extender Folder >Battery Life Extender program >Change to your desired settings

Should I buy a Samsung camera?

The Samsung is pretty good but I personally like the Toshiba better. I feel that the Toshiba takes better pictures and the life of a Toshiba camera is longer than the Samsung.

Which camcorder has the longest batery life?

Sanyo and Samsung both make camcorders that have the longest battery life.