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What is the coin and value of a 1906 silver coin with thirteen stars around a womens head without you pluribus unum on the back along with a v on back?


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2009-06-27 21:02:43
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Copper-nickel, not silver

E Pluribus Unum, not "You Pluribus Unum"

Your coin has a V on it because V is the Roman numeral for 5, so you have a 5-cent piece. See the Related Question for more details.

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value of an 1890 E Pluribus umun silver dollar

1881 E Pluribus Unum silver dollar worth.

The motto "E Pluribus Unim" does not identify a coin. Post a new question an include the denomination.

In 1942 all U.S. coins bear the national motto E-PLURIBUS-UNUM. A denomination is needed.

Depends on the particular coin, date, and condition. Value of most TRUE silver dollars is around $23 and up. Later than 1935, they contain less silver or no silver, and are worth only their face value.

No such thing as a E-PLURIBUS-UNUM coin of any kind. The coin is a MORGAN dollar, the motto E PLURIBUS UNUM is on all the Morgans from 1878 to 1904 and 1921. Post new question with a DATE.

About $1.30 just for the silver.

The coin is a 1922 Peace dollar not an E PLURIBUS UNUM coin, circulated coins have retail values of $16.00-$20.00.

The Latin phrase E-Pluribus-Unum is a national motto, Latin for "Out of Many,One."

E Pluribus Unum is on every American coin 1926=$20 1926D=$22 1926S=$21

A 1900 Morgan dollar (the phrase E Pluribus Unum by itself doesn't specify coin type or denomination) is worth around $24-30 depending on condition. If it's a 1900-S, then it's worth a little more.

wats the valu 1923 and 1921 e. pluribus unum

A denomination is needed. Post new question.

If you want to sell it. Take it to a coin dealer.

Please rephrase and post new question

To clear thing up: > It's not silver, it's made of nickel. > It's not just a "woman's" head, it's Miss Liberty. > E Pluribus Unum appears on nearly ALL US coins so that's not an identifying detail. > The coin's denomination, Five Cents, is right there under the V = Roman numeral for 5. That done, your Liberty nickel is worth about $3 in average worn condition, $5 if moderately worn, and $11 if nearly new.

E PLURIBUS UNUM is NOT a type of silver dollar, it is the national motto. Please post a new question with the date of the coin.

There is no such thing as an E Pluribus Unum Silver Dollar. That is simply the motto of the US, it does absolutely nothing to identify the coin other than to say it is from the US. But any US silver dollars dated from 1935 and prior are worth at least $33 or so for the silver content, any dollar coins minted after contain no silver and are only worth face value unless in proof condition.

First of all, there is no such coin as an E PLURIBUS UNUM coin of any type!!!! E PLURIBUS UNUM is the NATOINAL MOTTO that appears on all most every coin ever made by the US and all modern coins, just look at your pocket change. All Morgan dollars regardless of date have this motto on the obverse of the coins.

Please post a new question with the coins denomination.

Current retail is about $3 for the coin's silver content, which is worth more than its numismatic value. Please note that ALL U.S. coins carry the motto E Pluribus Unum - check your pocket change!! - so its presence does not help to identify a coin.

All American federal issues, except for certain double dates, have the motto E pluribus unum, or "out of many, one." I need to know the denomination and, if possible, the condition.

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