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the color of your blood before it comes out of your veins is blue

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Q: What is the color of your blood before it comes out of your veins?
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What colour of blood in the artery and veins?

The color of blood in veins and arteries is blue. It doesn't turn red until the blood comes in contact with oxygen.

What color will the blood be in most veins?

The blood is a dark red in most veins. The exceptions are the pulmonary veins, through which oxygenated blood flows from the lungs into the heart, before the heart pumps it around the body.

Is dark colored blood from your veins bad?

The blood from your veins is normally a darker color than arterial blood. Blood higher in oxygen has a brighter color.

Is blood clear?

No blood is not clear it's a purple to blue color before it hit oxygen that's why when you look at your veins there blue and when you cut or scratch your self the blood comes out red because it has hit the oxygen. Hope that helps :)

What color is the blood in the veins?

Some will say that the blood is blue in the veins because your veins are blue looking. This is incorrect. The blood is in fact red inside the veins, the veins just look blue due to the way the light passes through the fat and skin cells above.

What color is blood in veins and arteries and why?


What color is your blood when you drink soda?

Your blood color is red before and after you drink soda. I think many people believe it is blue due to the color of their veins outside of their skin but if you look hard enough you can see small veins on your body you can see are red.

Blood in the veins is usually what color?


What color is your blood in your veins?

interesting fact when blood is in your veins it is blue but when you get a shot oxygen hit you blood and it turns red.

Is your blood a purple color?

Yes, the blood in your veins is a purple-red color, your arteries have red blood.

Blood in the veins is usally what color?

It is an urban myth that unoxygenated blood (in veins) is blue - it is actually dark red.

What is the difference in the color of blood found in veins and color of blood found in arteries?

all blood is the same colour

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