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Cars get better gas mileage but have very little storage space. A truck is better for hauling things around, but not great on mileage. I think the ideal situation for a two vehicle household is to own both a car and a truck.

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Q: What is the comparison between a car and a truck?
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Make a comparison between the structure of the human body and the structure of a car.

Why can a car easily go to uphill than a heavy loaded truck?

Because car is lighter and has less gravitational force to counter when moving up in comparison to a heavy loaded truck.

Who has the right away on a hill between a commercial truck or car?

commercial truck

What is the difference between a car and a truck?

Well the main difference is that a car is made out of plastic, and a truck is made out of metal.

Is truck a car?

No, truck is not a car. Car, is not a truck. But Truck is an auto. An a auto is a car!!!!

Car not a truck?

yes a car is not a truck.

What does a car have that a truck does not have?

A car has a trunk, and a truck does not.

What are the differences between a car and a truck?

A car is typically for tranporting people and small loads and usually get better fuel mileage than a truck. A truck is better for transporting larger and/or heavier loads.

Why does a car move towards a truck when it speeds past?

It is called the venturi effect. The air pressure between the car and the truck reduces due to the relative speeds

What are the main differences between truck and car tires?

Tha main difference between a truck and a car tire is that a truck tire is going to bi bigger and more heavy duty. Most trucks are seen working and hauling stuff that a car cannot and that is why they make the tires more heavy duty.

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