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What is the composition of chromium?


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Chromium is just that - chromium. It is a metallic element.

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Iron and Chromium mixture called Steel. In Steel composition Iron-84% and Chromium-16%.

Potassium dichromate (K2Cr2O7) contain 35,361 % chromium.

Ruby is aluminium oxide; chromium is only a natural dopant, in traces. The concentration of chromium is not constant in rubies.

Chromium: 16-18,5 % Nickel: 10-14 % For details see the link below.

stainless steel does not rust due to the chromium placed within the composition. The chromium is used to form a chromium oxide layer stopping diffusion and in turn preventing corrosion.

The ruby's chemical composition is Al2O3, an aluminum oxide. The red color of a ruby, which is a kind of corundum, comes from chromium in it.

Iron mostly, 10% chromium and a dash (1-2%) of carbon.

Ruby is aluminium oxide (Al2O3) with chromium as an impurity.

Chromium - 19.5% Manganese - .40% Silicon - 1.25% Iron - .50% Nickel - 79 %

It is a chromium alloy used for its strong resistance to hot sulphide cracking.Chemical Composition:Chromium = 4-6%Silicon = 0.50%Molybdenum = 0.44-0.60%Manganese = 0.30-0.60%Carbon = 0.15%Phosphorus = 0.03%Sulphur = 0.03%

The chemical composition of the steel 1.0120 is:- manganese: 1,6 %- silicon: 0,5 %- chromium: 0,3 %- nickel: 0,3 %- carbon: 0,12-0,17 %

The composition of this steel is: Carbon: 0.38~0.45 % Silicon: 0.17~0.37 % Manganese: 0.50~0.80 % Chromium: 0.90~1.20 % Molybdenum: 0.15~0.25 %

HSS is 18% Tungsten, 4% Chromium, 1% Vanadium, 0.7% Carbon and rest Iron

There are many types of Stainless Steel. Few are given below: 1. Austenitic Type: Iron, 18% Chromium, Nickel 2. Ferritic Type: Iron, 12% Chromium, 0.12% Carbon A typical formulation for orthodontic use has 18% chromium and 8% nickel

Some chromium compounds: chromium bromides, chromium chlorides, chromium fluorides, chromium iodides, potassium dichromate, sodium chromate, chromium oxide, chromium sulfide, etc.

Chromium fluorides are: Chromium difluoride: CrF2 Chromium trifluoride: CrF3 Chromium tetrafluoride: CrF4 Chromium pentafluoride: CrF5 Chromium hexafluoride: CrF6

Chromium oxide may refer to:Chromium(II) oxide, CrOChromium(III) oxide, Cr2O3Chromium dioxide (chromium(IV) oxide), CrO2Chromium trioxide (chromium(VI) oxide), CrO3

Chromium is a 3d element. chromium is a metal.

Chromium Chromium Chromium

Chromium is a 3d element. chromium is a metal.

Alexandrite is a type of chrysoberyl, BeAl2O4, in which a small percentage of the aluminium atoms have been replaced by chromium atoms.

Cr2+ is a divalent cation of chromium; ex.: chromium in chromium diiodide, CrI2.

The chemical composition of the steel 1.0037 is:- manganese: 1,6 %- silicon: 0,5 %- chromium: 0,3 %- nickel: 0,3 %- carbon: 0,12-0,17 %- molybdenum: 0,08 %- sulfur: 0,05 %- phosphorus: 0,05 %

Chromium is a 3d element. chromium is not ferrous.

Chromium is a 3d element. chromium is a metal.

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