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Q: What is the compound of vetsin?
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What is the chemical formula for vetsin?

there is no chemical formula for vetsin.

What is the main ingredient of vetsin?

Vetsin is another name for MSG- monosodium glutamate.

Can vetsin dissolve in vinegar?


Is vetsin melted easily?


Why is Vetsin harmful to your health?

because it is so salty

Why salt and vetsin can conduct electricity in a solution?

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Chemical name of vetsin?

Vetsin, otherwise known as monosodium glutamate, has the chemical name of Sodium 2-Aminopentanedioate. It is also known more simply as just sodium glutamate.

Why vetsin can conduct electricity?

Vetsin is another name for the flavor enhancer MSG. It does not directly conduct electricity, but it is a salt and like other salts when dissolved in water separates into positive and negative ions. These ions are highly mobile in water, thus permitting the solution to conduct electricity.

What type of compound is vetsin?

monosodium glutamate A white crystalline compound, C(5)H(8)NO(4)Na, a monobasic salt of glutamic acid, used as a flavor enhancer in foods.

Is CH4O an ionic compound or covalent compound?

NaCL is what compound

Type of compound?

metal compound ionic compound and molecular compound

Is Pepsi a compound or an element?

Is Pepsi a compound or an element?

Is an ionic compound an example of a chemical compound or is a chemical compound an example of an ionic compound?

An ionic compound is an example of a chemical compound.

Is water a compound a element or a compound?

a compound

Is plaster of Paris an element compound or mixture?

It is a mixture

Is CH3OH an ionic compound or a molecular compound?

That compound is methanol and is a molecular compound. All bonds in this compound are covalent.

The melting point of a compound is 1240C.Is this compound most likely an ionic compound or a molecular compound?

Ionic Compound.

What is a single compound?

A single compound is one compound

Is sodium sulphate a compound or an element or a compound?


Is Ca a compound element or a mixture?


Who is a compound prefect?

A compound is a person who make sure the compound are clean.

How is an organic compound different from an organic compound?

Do you mean how is an organic compound different from an inorganic compound? If so, an organic compound has carbon, an inorganic compound does not need to have carbon.

What is a sentence with the word compound in it?

This is a compound sentence, and it smells bad.

What happens when one compound dissolves into another compound?

A solution is a compound that dissolved from another compound.

Is rowboat a closed compound or hyphenated compound or open compound?

The noun rowboat is a closed compound.