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North was against slavery, and south wanted more slavery. south wanted more slavery so they could work on the cotton fields. if more people work on cotton fields the south would have more money.

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Q: What is the conflict of North vs South Slavery?
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What body of water did the union control for keeping Kentucky?

The body of water the union (North)controlledfor keepingKentuckywas the Ohio River.By the way, this is happening in thebeginningof the Civil War (North vs. South) (NON SLAVERY VS. SLAVERY)

Slavery in upper south vs deep south?

The south treated their slaves much more fairly than the deep southern states. (South example: North Carolina) (Deep South example: Georgia, South Carolina) Maryland treated their slave fairly, and they were considered a northern state.

Why was there so much North vs South tension over territorial expansion?

There was this tension, because the territories claimed by the South became slave territories and the territories claimed by the North became free territories. The North wanted no slavery and the South wanted slaves. So, the North and south raced to get as much land as possible to cause the other direction ( N. or S. ) to submit into slavery or no slavery

What were the two principal things about which the north and south quarreled?

As in the American Civil War? Slavery and Federal vs States rights (i.e the role of government)

Who was the leader for the army in the north in the the battle between the north and the south?

Grant vs Lee (North & South)

Who won the civil war north vs south?

North :)

Who VS Vietnam in the Vietnam?

North VN vs South VN.

How did the reliance on cotton production and slavery affect the south economically socially and morally?

The reliance on cotton production and slavery in the South led to economic prosperity due to the profitability of cotton, but it also entrenched the region's dependence on slave labor. Socially, it created a hierarchical society based on race and entrenched racial inequalities. Morally, it led to widespread acceptance of the dehumanization of enslaved individuals and perpetuated the idea of white supremacy.

What key difference between the north and south ultimately led to the civil war?

The Civil War was really all about slavery. The South wanted slavery to continue, and generally the North wanted slavery to end. However, from the South's point of view the Civil War was all about states rights versus federal government rights. The South wanted the states to have more rights and therefore more power than the federal government. The North generally wanted the federal government to have more rights and therefore more power than the states.

What was the differences between the north and south industries?

Industry vs. agriculture: (N vs. S)

Is man vs fate external conflict?

Yes, a man vs. fate conflict is an external conflict. The only internal conflict there is is a man vs. self conflict. Other external conflicts include man vs. man, man vs. society, and man vs. nature.

Who were the presidents in the north and south Vietnam War?

Primarily Ho Chi Minh (North) vs Diem then later Ky (South).