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What is the connection between microbial spoilage and food?

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Hay friendz, As the food is composed of very high nutritional value(including high water content which is main reseaon), it attracts the microbes .These microbes will utilize the nutrients & produce some metabolites which are harmful to human.They cause the food spoilage & toxicity.

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What microbial causes food spoilage?


How does food affect microbial activity in food?

Food spoilage increases microbial activity. Temperature, water values, and acidity can allÊbeÊused to remove or destroy microorganisms andÊminimize contamination from unprocessed foods.

How does thawing frozen food make it susceptible to microbial food spoilage?

leaves it out in the big bad world unprotected you know

Food spoilage and poisoning?

discuss the difference between food poisoning and good spoilage?

Why does refrigeration keep things from spoiling?

Most spoilage organisms grow rapidly at warm temperatures. A refrigerator keeps food cold and slows the microbial growth process. So spoilage is delayed and not completely prevented. If the food is frozen, spoilage organisms will not grow.

What is the difference between food spoilage and wastage of food?

Wastage of food basically means all the food that's been made for you, the leftovers is your waste. Wastage of food is the remainers so its what rats would feed off of. Whereas food spoilage is the nutrictional value and its not very good. This means your food is not allowed to be eaten as flavour and texture have been contaminated. There are three types of organismes that cause food spoilage and these are Microbial Spoilages including Bacteria, yeasts and horrible moulds... :) Theres a difference between the two, the only simularity is what they are to do with food.

Which is major food spoilage or food deterioration?

food spoilage food spoilage

Why low temperature help prevent the food from spoiling?

Low temperatures, such as refrigeration, slow spoilage since most spoilage organisms grow at a slower rate when they are cold. Freezing stops microbial spoilage because the microbes stop growing.

What is the differences between food spoilage and food contamination?

spoilage is when the food is rotten < contamination when the food has an out side source touch it such as chicken touching an apple

Why does food stored in the refrigerator get spoiled?

Refrigeration slows microbial growth and does not stop it. So spoilage organisms will still grow - but at a slower rate.

What is Intermediate moisture food?

intermediate moisture food can be defined as the which foods have the water activity of .6 to .9......they are known as intermediate moisture food......these foods are largely protected against microbial spoilage..:)

Reasons of food preservation?

People preserve food so that it can last longer, increasing the time during which it can be eaten. Preservation prevents or delays spoilage due to microbial action.

What are Symptoms of food spoilage?

Six of food spoilage

How does refrigeration prevent food spoilage?

refrigiratorprevent food spoilage

Why does freezing help preserve peas?

Freezing peas - or any food for that matter - extends the usable life of food because it stops microbial spoilage. Enzymatic changes are also slowed or stopped.

What are food preservatives?

Food preservatives are chemicals that prevent food from spoilage due to microbial growth. Table salt, sugar, vegetable oil, sodium benzoate (C6H3COONa), and salts of propanoic acid are some examples of food preservatives.

Factors that affect food spoilage?

factor effecting on food spoilage

What are the effects of preservatives?

Preservatives slow down spoilage of food. Preservatives can prevent or slow microbial growth, prevent or slow the action of degrading enzymes, and slow down other negative reactions in food.

Difference between food spoilage and food poisoning?

Food spoilage is when food goes bad (ie, starts to rot) and food poisoning is when you eat foods that either has infectious microbes or toxic substances in it which cause you to get sick.

What are the food spoilage agents?

Food spoilage agents are things that makes food lose their nutritional value. Examples of the food spoilage agents include moisture and bacteria.

Chemical change in matter cause food spoilage?

There are several changes that occur that cause food spoilage. A loss of ph, spoilage caused by bacteria and decomposition are contributing factors to food spoilage.

Does a refrigerator prevent or delay the spoilage of food?

It only delays spoilage of food

Example of scope and limitation in food spoilage?

example of scope and limitation in food spoilage

Will feta cheese go bad in the refrigerator?

Any food that required refrigeration will eventually go bad - even in the refrigerator. Refrigeration delays spoilage by slowing microbial growth - it does not prevent it.

What are 3 ways food can become spoiled?

The three ways through which food gets spoiled are;Microbial activity.Physiological changes in the food.Physical damages to the food.Microbial activity involves microbial metabolism which produces a variety of products such as acids, ethanol, mycotoxins, and aflatoxins. These products cause a lot of chemical changes in the food which culminates into food spoilage.Such microorganisms include; Bacteria, Yeasts and Molds, and Viruses.Physiological changes in the food such as respiration, transpiration and ripening leading to ethylene gas production lead to food deterioration in nutrients and in quality attributes such as change in color, shape, consistence, and flavor.such changes in food result into food spoilage.Food is composed of living tissues which carry out a number of activities suuch as respiration, enzyme activity and metabolism.These activities are carried out at the expense of the food contents and there fore lead to loss in value of such.They also produce byproducts which act as spoilage agents.Physical damage;Food is covered by protective layers that protect it from environmental stress and provide barrier to microbial entry, once this barrier is broken by some physical means such as bruises, cuts, and deformations, the food becomes prone to spoilage.By MBAZIIRA MAHMUDU,Bsc.Food Science and TechnologyMarere University-Kampala Uganda