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It will be harder to get any loans, credit cards or a mortgage as your credit history has not been good.

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Q: What is the consequence of having the credit delinquency on your credit report?
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Does LATE and Delinquency in Credit report mean the same?


What does the acronym DFD stand for in an Equifax credit report?

The information I found states Date of First Delinquency.

How long can a charged off debt stay on your credit report?

7 years from the date of first delinquency

How long does delinquency stay on credit file?

Generally they can pursue/report for 7 yrs on a debt that is unpaid.

How long does a foreclosure stay on your credit report and affect it?

7 years + 180 days from date of first delinquency.

If you pay a medical bill that is reported as a delinquency on your credit report and the bill is less than 100 does it still show on your report for 7 years?

It shoulden't.

How does having a repossession removed from your credit report affect your credit?

Anytime a negative item is removed from your credit report, it will raise your credit score unless new collections are added to your report.

If a US creditor is not reporting a credit card to the three major credit bureaus because of a foreign address will delinquency in payment also stay off of one's credit report?

ANSWER That is correct. If the creditor is not reporting to the major bureaus there is no report... good or bad.

How do you report delinquency to credit bureaus?

reporting credit delinquenciesI am a landlord. My tenant is seriously in default of her lease and is in arrears in excess of $5,500. and refuses to pay. How can I report her to the credit agencies?-----------------You will need to take her to court (small claims court) and get a judgment against her. The judgment is a legal action against her and will show up on her credit report.

What does delinquency on a credit report mean?

Means that you did not pay your bills on time, or that you've never paid some of them. Make sure you get that straightened out, then don't be late again! That information stays on your credit report for up to seven years!!!

How long paid delinquencies remain on your credit?

A delinquency usually refers to an account with late payments. The late payments report on the account for 7 years.

How do collection agencies report to credit bureaus?

Collection agencies notify all the credit bureaus electronically concerning the delinquency amount of the debt and number of days outstanding every 30 days.

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