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You can solve this problem using Bernoulli's Equation P1/y + z1 + v2/1/2g = P2/y + z2 + v2/2/2g However, This will only br valid for incompressable fluids, and the specific weight of the fluid is the same at both ends. There can't be any mechanical devices between the two ends, and no energy can be tranferred out or lost by friction.

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'What is the constant force Nm of water flowing through a 20 mm pipe at 1 liter per second and does the force double if the flow is doubled'?

IT means that you arestupid

When you double the force acting on an object and keep the mass of the cart constant the acceleration is?


What happens to the current when the voltage is doubled and the resistance is constant?

I = E/R If resistance is constant, then current is directly proportional to voltage. Double the voltage ===> the current will also double.

What happen is the potential difference across is double?

If the potential difference between the ends of any conductor is doubled, then the current through the conductor is also doubled.

What happens to volume if the temperature is doubled and the pressure doubles?

pv=nrt if temp and pressure double, the equation is sound, and volume remains constant.

What would happen to your weight if the earth's mass doubled?

If the mass of the earth suddenly doubled, while its radius and relative density distribution remained constant,The weight of you and me and every person and object on earth would also double.

What happen to the acceleration when the force is doubled?

One way of expressing the relationship between force and acceleration is the following equation:A=F/MWere A is acceleration, F is force, and M is mass.If we double the force and assume that the mass is constant...2F/M = 2AWhich means that when the force is doubled, the acceleration is doubled.

What is the past tense of doubled?

Doubled is already the past tense form of double.

What happens to pressure if temperature is doubled?

Pressure doubles too. Temperature and pressure share a direct relationship (this is called Gay-Lussac's Law.)

When the mass of one object increases by a factor of 2 the force of gravity increase by a factor of?

As force of gravity is directly proportional to the mass as mass is doubled then force on it also gets doubled.

How is the power affected with the current is doubled and the resistance is held constant?

Ohm's Law: Voltage is Current Times ResistanceIf you double the current while holding the resistance constant, then that means you had to also double the voltage. Since power is voltage times current, that means that you quadrupled the power.

When each of the two charges is doubled the force between them also doubled?

No. The force will double when ONE of the charges is doubled. If you double both, you have two "doublings", so naturally the force will increase by a factor of 4.

How would the circumference of a circle change if you doubled its diameter?

When you double the diameter, the circumference is also doubled.

Why if a gas is present at 27 Celsius its volume becomes doubled when temperature increases to 327 Celsius under constant pressure?

pV = nRT we can firstly assume that n (number of moles) and R (gas constant) do not change and as pressure is also kept constant, the temperature must be proportional to the volume. Thus if temperature is increased from 27C (300K) to 327C (600K) and is doubled, the volume must also double.

When a speed is doubled does its momentum double?


If you double the mass what happens to the density?

Density automatically increases with mass if volume remains constant. If the amount of mass in a given volume doubles, the density of the substance in that volume has doubled.

What is the effect on current through a circuit of steady resistance when the voltage is doubled?

Ohm's law: current is voltage divided by resistance, so doubling the voltage while holding the resistance constant will double the current.Not asked, but answered for completeness sake; since power is voltage times current, doubling the voltage into a constant resistance will quadruple the power.

What happens to the force if you double the acceleration?

One way of expressing the relationship between force and acceleration is the following equation:F=MAWere A is acceleration, F is force, and M is mass.If we double the acceleration and assume that the mass is constant:2A x M = 2FWhich means that when the acceleration is doubled, the force driving the acceleration must be - doubled.

When mass of object is doubled then potential energy will be?

When mass of object is doubled, then the potential energy will also double.

If the pressure of a sample of gas is doubled at constant temperature what happens to the volume of the gas?

If you double the pressure you halve the volume, so the ration is 1/2For the same amount (and temperature) double the pressure means half the volume.

What is the relation between temperature and volume?

To state this relationship, pressure must be constant. The temperature is directly proportional to the volume, that is, if you double the temperature then the volume is doubled. This relationship is known as Charles' Law.

If the frequency of a wave traveling in a rope is doubled what will happen to the speed of the wave?

Assuming that the wavelength remains constant, the velocity of the rope will also double if the frequency is doubled. This can be seen in the word equation below: speed = frequency x wavelength If we assume that wavelength is a constant...let wavelength = 1 speed = frequency therefore... 2 x frequency = 2 x speed

Are all ingredients doubled when you double a recipe?


What is the past tense of double?

The past tense is doubled.

What is doubled in eukaryote cells?

DNA double strand