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Q: What is the continent of la martinique?
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What Continent is Martinique in?

Martinique is an island.. it isn't on a continent. it's located in the Caribbeans, near South America.

What is the slogan of Martinique?

La Martinique, fleur des Caraibes (Martinique, flower of the Caribbean).

How do you say Martiniqua?

la Martinique

How do you spell la martinique in English?

The proper noun La Martinique was a 1940s New York City nightspot.The spelling Martinique is used for a French island in the Lesser Antilles.

Why is french spoken in la Martinique?

because it can

Is Martinique in Hawaii?

La Martinique is a French island in the Carribbean sea. It is not in Hawaii which is in a different ocean.

What is La Martinique's largest city?

Martinique's largest city is Fort-de-France, which is also its capital

Which continent is Martinique located on?

West Indies Martinique is an island. It is in the Caribbean, close to South America. It is part of France. So it's in Europe

What continent is martinque?

Martinique is a French overseas department. It is located in North America.

What is martinques continent?

Martinique is an overseas French department. It is located in North America.

Is martinique a masculine or feminine country?

la Martinique is a French region, not a country. The noun is feminine.

What are the Names of 4 french islands?

la Corse (Corsica), la Réunion, la Martinique, la Guadeloupe

Is Martinique a part of France a region of Paris?

La Martinique is a big island in the Carribbean. This is part of France, but not a region of Paris which is on the mainland.

What does the French la martinique mean in English?

la Martinique is a French island in the Carribbean. It was discovered by Christopher Columbus who named it after the name it had among the locals at the time, Madidina, 'the island of flowers'.

What are 3 french speaking countries?

martinique, la reunion, haiti

What is the capital of la martique?

Martinique is an island located in the Caribbean Sea. It is an overseas region of France. The inhabitants of Martinique are French citizens. Paris, the capital city in France, is Martinique's capital city.

What is the motto of Martinique?

The motto of Martinique is, La collective au service du pays. This is a French phrase that means, The community service in the country.

What are two Caribbean islands which are a part of France?

La Guadeloupe and La Martinique are two French islands in the Carribbean.

Why is French spoken in Martinique?

La Martinique is a French oversea possession. People living there are French citizens. The same goes for La Guadeloupe and French Guiana in the same area.because they are a reigon of franceMartinique is an overseas department of France (similar to a US territory such as Puerto Rico).Martinique is a part of France so French is the official language. They also speak other languages too, including the Martinique creole (akin to the Haitian creole, but closer to French).

What is the continent of reunion?

The continent of La Reunion is Jamaica

When was La Lettre du Continent created?

La Lettre du Continent was created in 1985.

Who is mr joel de percin de la martinique?

A man who master the english langauge.

Which continent contains the cities of caracas and la paz?

Caracas and La paz is located on the continent of South America.

3 French Islands?

Carribbean: La Guadeloupe, La Martinique; Near Newfounland: Saint-Pierre, Miquelon; Indian Ocean: La Réunion, Mayotte; Mediterranean sea : Corsica; and also New Caledonia, the whole of French Polynesia, Kerguelen islands, ...

What are the french speaking countries on the continent of north America?

Guadeloupe, Martinique, Haiti, Quebec, St Pierre et Miquelon