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What is the contribution of Claudius Ptolemy?

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Ptolemy developed several mathematical models to describe the motions of the sun, the moon, the planets and the stars. The book that describes these models is called "The Almagest" or "Ptolemy's Almagest". The models all assume:

1. The earth is stationary.

2. All objects travel with uniform speed on a perfectly circular orbit.

However, a model that placed the earth in the centre of the orbits of all other objects would not work because it does not account for various anomalies, including the varying length of seasons, the irregularity of eclipses of the moons and the retrograde motion of the planets. Ptolemy used two mathematical devices to deal with the anomalies: eccentricity (an offset from the centre of a circle) and epicycles - circular orbits whose centre (or eccentric) itself traveled in a uniform circular orbit.

Much of the material in The Almagest was already known to Greek astronomers. Ptolemy's contribution was to consolidate all known results, make large improvements to the models, and to write it all down in a way that became a standard for the way to present the results of scientific enquiry.

His book was the standard text book for astronomers until his models were ultimately improved by Copernicus, Kepler and Newton.

Ptolemy also wrote a treatise on Astrology, based on his deep knowledge of the motions of the heavenly bodies. This work is called The Tetrabiblos.

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How many book did Claudius Ptolemy write?

Claudius Ptolemy wrote 13 books.

What Nationality is claudius Ptolemy?

Ptolemy was a Greek.

What is a fun fact about Claudius Ptolemy?

One fun fact about Claudius Ptolemy is that, despite his Greek ancestry, his name is derived from a mixture of the Macedonian name "Ptolemy," and the Roman name "Claudius."

Who is claudius ptolemy?

Ptolemy believes that the earth is the center of the universe.

What was the major contribution that Ptolemy gave to the science of astronomy?

Ptolemy had contributed to science and astronomy by developing the theory of the Earth centered Universe. Born in 140 A.D. he was a Greek Astronomer. His full name is Claudius Ptolemaeus. We just spell it Ptolemy for obvious reasons.

Did Claudius ptolemy go to school?


Who was a famous roman astronomer?

Claudius Ptolemy

Who was an important astronomer of the roman empire?

Claudius Ptolemy, better known as simply Ptolemy

Claudius ptolemy was known for?

Ptolemy is know for two major works: The Almagest and The Tetrabiblos.

Where did Claudius Ptolemy work?

Claudius Ptolemy was a Greco-Egyptian writer, philosopher, mathematician and astrologer. He lived in Alexandria Egypt and that is where most of his notable work was done.

Did Claudius Ptolemy have children?

No Ptolemy did not any kids but if he does i will keep seaching to find more answers

When was claudius ptolemy born?

Circa AD 90.

Was Claudius Ptolemy married?

He Was Married to Queen Elizazbeth

Who is considered father of human geography?

Claudius Ptolemy

Who was the person that came up with geocentric?

Claudius Ptolemy

What are some facts about Claudius Ptolemy?

Claudius Ptolemy lived from AD90 to AD 168. He was a poet and writer. He was also an astrologer, and mathematician. He wrote in Greek but had a Roman citizenship.

Did Claudius ptolemy ever have children?

i really dont know if he did or not!!

Who wrote the Almagest?

The mathematician Claudius Ptolemy wrote the Almagest.

Where did Claudius Ptolemy study?

he was know for his studies in math and astrommer

When did Claudius ptolemy discover the geocentric theory?

in the year 2018

Did Hamlet kill Claudius Ptyolemy?

No, Claudius is Danish and the Ptolemies are Egyptian. There is nobody called Ptolemy in the play Hamlet.

Who had the first theory of the universe even though they were wrong?

Claudius Ptolemy

Who was credited as the first to draw maps of a round world?

Claudius Ptolemy

Whose theory of the universe was held as a law but it was wrong?

Claudius Ptolemy

When did Claudius ptolemy collect and put together maps?

c. 150