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He discovered conditioned reflexes, and conditioned behavior through his experiments with animals, particularly dogs.

He was the first to describe "classical conditioning" as in Pavlov's dog.

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Q: What is the contribution of pavlov in education?
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Is Ivan P Pavlov related to education?

Because of his work on Classical Conditioning, Pavlov is more closely associated with Psychology and with Education.

Why is Pavlov work so important?

Pavlov's greatest contribution to psychology is isolating elementary behaviors from more complex ones through objective scientific procedures.

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What was Pavlov's contribution to psychology?

To show how the discipline of psychology could be based on objective laboratory methods

The views of learning advanced by ivan pavlov and john b Watson underestimated the importance of what?

The views of learning as advanced by Ivan Pavlov and John B Watson underestimated the important of formal education.

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What did Ivan Pavlov study?

Pavlov began his higher education as a student at the Ryazan Ecclesiastical Seminary, but then dropped out and enrolled in the University of Saint Petersburg to study the natural sciencesand become a physiologist. He received his doctorate in 1879.

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Who is recognized as providing the first demonstration of classical conditioning?

Ivan Pavlov invented classical conditioning in 1927.